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Herschel Walker’s Son is Perplexed: Why Send $40 Billion to Ukraine? We Have School Shootings Right Here!

Yes, yes, we know. The SON is not the one in office nor running for office, and we cannot hold the father responsible for the son’s activities. We have had to inform the Right many times that Hunter Biden isn’t the president. It is also important to note that when family members espouse an opinion, that opinion is not necessarily indicative of the candidate or official’s opinion.

But we can point to family – and do – when family members, such as the Trumps, do things that may be illegal or say things that are absolutely moronic and hold the family member responsible or just mock him or her mercilessly without necessarily placing blame on the parent or family member.

This is especially true when it’s a young family member because it is more likely demonstrative of the values instilled by the parent.

Christian Walker is the son of Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker. He’s also insufferable in every way possible.

So what could we possibly learn from Herschel Walker’s son, Christian Walker, when Christian is angry that we just sent $40 billion in aid to Ukraine when we have so many school shootings here? Well, for one, he’s a moron, but that doesn’t mean much when it comes to Herschel’s beliefs.

More importantly, we learn that the Walker family is very Republican. The answer to mass shootings is to spend money on programs here, not the relatively cheap fix of universal background checks and a ban on assault rifles. We also learn that the Walker family is VERY MAGA in that they, too, want the exact same policy change Putin wants from the American government. Stop sending aid to Ukraine. It is SO weird how all these Trump acolytes always want what Putin would want.

Aid to Ukraine does increase American security. Preventing the spread of authoritarianism and stopping Putin in his tracks strengthens American democracy and prevents Putin from causing even more trouble, which would cost far more money. If Putin’s government was overthrown, the MAGAs would suddenly… be leaderless? Well, at least not strangely tied to Putin. Walker’s readiness to fight for Putin is very telling.


We won’t say that Twitter laughed or enjoyed responding, it’s hard to laugh right now. But “dismayed” might be a better term.

Yes, we are placing this image in every story that mentions Uvalde. We want you to see their faces. God, they mattered.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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