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Legendary Reporter Says it’s Time for ‘Rogue Justice’ Clarence Thomas to Step Aside From Supreme Court

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, appearing on CNN’s New Day, told host Brianna Keilar that Justice Clarence Thomas has gone “rogue.”

Asked by Keilar what he thought about Thomas’ whining after the leak of the Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, Bernstein said Thomas didn’t have a leg to stand on:

I think that Clarence Thomas talking about faith in institutions is a little misguided, given particularly the role of his wife in the Stop the Steal movement around the president of the United States. The wife of a Supreme Court justice doing what Ginni Thomas did is utterly unheard of in the history of the United States. So Justice Thomas talking about the legitimacy of institutions, either the White House or the court itself and he should recuse himself, which he refuses to do from any case involving the president of the United States and the election.

Clarence Thomas has been controversial from the start. As he was being nominated, he was also being accused of sexual harassment by Anita Hill, who ended up having to defend herself before the Senate.

Ginni Thomas arrives with her husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, for a 2019 State Dinner at the White House. Photo by Patrick Semansky/AP

But it’s the fact that his wife has been at the center of the January 6th investigation, having shared 29 text messages with former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows regarding overturning the election. Thomas refuses to this day to recuse himself from any cases regarding the 2020 election, despite concrete evidence of his wife having been central to the effort to overturn it.

Bernstein elaborated:

There is a real failure of institutions, especially on the Supreme Court by a rogue justice who would not say ‘I’m going to step aside. And also, let’s look at what Ginni Thomas did. Let’s look at what she was saying and we have texts of what she was saying. It is crazy stuff. It is out there, but it is also encouraging the president of the United States, really, to stage a coup.

And that’s it in a nutshell — Clarence Thomas has no business whatsoever complaining about SCOTUS being “bullied” after their leaked decision. If anything, he should be thankful that Congress doesn’t impeach him from the Court entirely.


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