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Mike Flynn Claims 5G Technology Will Unleash a Pathogen in the COVID Vaccine That Will Make Us Zombies

We generally start these by noting that Michael Flynn was a three-star general. It is difficult to conceive of how many officers wash out long before they get a full bird, never mind getting a star, a second, and a third. There’s only one star remaining and you’re a flag officer. We assume that he was mentally well in that climb up the ladder, and we assume that he is most certainly not mentally well right now.

We are owed a lot of explanations from these people but, for now, it would seem prudent to know what the “5G Towers” have that the “4G towers” did not. Given that the “G” just stands for “generation,” and that the 5G is just the next generation. Someone best tell us which pathogens it awakens and why we’re in trouble. From Alternet:

*Before you read this, remember, Obama gave Trump ONE piece of advice (ONE!). “Do not hire Mike Flynn.” Trump made Flynn national security advisor. Typical.

Retired Army Lieutenant General and disgraced ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is a notorious peddler of outlandish conspiracy theories, especially those that originate inside QAnon or spew from the pouty lips of former President Donald Trump. On Sunday, Flynn endorsed yet another fringe – and absolutely looney – conservative delusion about COVID-19 vaccinations during an appearance on right-wing radio host Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour.

According to Flynn and Clark, COVID vaccines contain “dormant pathogens” that will be triggered into action when 5G towers (presumably all at once all over the world) issue an 18 gigahertz signal for one minute. The signal causes “IP36 gene deletion” among the vaccinated. And that’s when the eating of brains begins.

What. The. Fuck? Well, if brain-eating is all that happens then Flynn has nothing to worry about, never mind the vaccine. He can walk openly into Starbucks, sit down, read the paper, watch the horror all around him, and enjoy his “skinny carmel latte,” while reading the local Q-anon news.


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