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There Was a Huge MAGA Movie Premiere at Mar-a-Lago and Everyone in MAGA Land Was There — And It’s Looks AWFUL

Last night was MAGA movie night at Mar-a-Lago, and every good and loyal MAGA was there.

They were there to watch a screening of the 2020 Election documentary, 2,000 Mules. The movie, created by right-wing political commentator Dinesh D’Souza, claims to reveal evidence that the last election was rigged due to widespread voter fraud. Remember that Trump pardoned D’Souza, so maybe this was payback? D’Souza’s way of saying thank you? Because the movie itself is chockful of lies. I’m not putting the trailer in this article…if you care to find it, you can Google it. I refuse to give that piece of shit Dinesh D’Souza any clicks whatsoever.

The allegations made by the documentary, which fact checkers at The Associated Press and Politifact have ruled misleading or flawed (the polite way of saying they are lies), claim that people were paid to drop off large amounts of ballots in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin which could have swayed the election to Trump.

Trump hosting the screening for “2000 Mules” the latest documentary about “The Big Lie”.

The basis of all these claims comes from surveillance footage of ballot boxes and analysis of cellphone location data. The same videos we’ve seen a thousand times of people dropping off ballots at ballot boxes. The same stuff Mike Lindell has been screaming about. There is literally nothing new or actually true in this “documentary”.

2,000 Mules was played in selected theaters on May 2 and May 4, with Trump also hosting this event at his Florida resort where guests watched the documentary which he believed backs up his false claims of election fraud. But let’s be real, I could make a movie about election fraud and Trump would believe it if it was in his favor. The man is so desperate to not be a loser, he will believe anything at this point.

Among those who were in attendance at the screening were some of the most prominent and frequent pushers of the so-called “big lie” that the last election was rigged, including Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, Mike Lindell, and Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. But that’s not it! There was Matt Gaetz and his new wife, and even losers like Jenna Ellis, Kyle Rittenhouse and Hogan Gidley.

Take a look:

Remember this guy? Hogan Gidley? He was the assistant press secretary for Trump and the ultimate “bro”. I see he is still wearing ballerina shoes.


Lookie here…if it isn’t the Kenosha Killer himself, Kyle Rittenhouse, with Lara Logan. Logan seems to have disappeared from Fox News ever since she made some crazy claims about the pandemic.

Kyle Rittenhouse and Lara Logan. What a pair.

Sara Carter purports to call herself a journalist. Then she writes something like this:


More GAG:

Triple GAG:

Just the worst people ever:

And never, when Trump won in 2016, that horrible night where we all cried, that someday we would live in a world where an event like this would take place:

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