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Trump-Backed Michigan Candidate Says Birth Control ‘Should Not Be Legal’ and Says ‘God’s Morality is for Everybody’

Jacky Eubanks, an ultra-right-wing candidate running for Michigan’s Senate has been endorsed by Donald Trump is planning to ban all forms of birth control if she gets the chance.

I wish I were making this up, but nope. I’m not, this is what HuffPost is reporting.

“I guess we have to ask ourselves, would that ever come to a vote in the Michigan state legislature?” she said in an interview with the ultra-batty Church Militant site. “And if it should, I would have to side with it should not be legal.”

This leads me to wonder if writer Margaret Atwood had a sense about this when she wrote The Handmaid’s Tale? Because the U.S. seems to be inching closer to this reality every day.

Trump-Backed Candidate Says She Would Outlaw Contraception. And can we retire this dumb thumbs-up pose already?

And it doesn’t help when dear ol’ Jacky also says things like this:

“People believe that birth control — it’s better, like you said, oh, because then you won’t get pregnant and you won’t need to have an abortion,” she said. “But I think it gives people the false sense of security that we can have consequence-free sex, and that’s not true and that’s not correct. Sex ought to be between one man and one woman in the confines of marriage.”

So here we have another whackjob Republican who’s all-too-worried about what you do in your bedroom. I mean the ink on Florida’s “don’t say gay” law hasn’t even dried. There seems to be no end to these ridiculous people, even if many of them are the ones who have done some pretty sickening things. And Slate has been paying attention.

I mean, I can’t forget Rep. Dennis Hastert, the longest-serving Republican Speaker of The House, who pleaded guilty to making illegal hush-money payments so he could hide the fact that he sexually abused high school wrestlers in decades past.

Even the judge presiding over the case was shocked.

“Nothing is more stunning than having ‘serial child molester’ and ‘speaker of the House’ in the same sentence,” the judge said when Hastert was sentenced.

And we all know more about Donald Trump’s disgusting escapades than any of us care to. There are so many other Republicans in this disgusting camp that I can’t possibly name them all.

So it’s even more repulsive that we now have GOPers like Eubanks who want to go after contraception. As we already know there’s more than a likelihood that Roe v. Wade will be struck down this summer and Eubanks isn’t the only Republican gunning for contraception restrictions.

Eubanks has that “Michele Bachmann stare” and according to RollingStone she also wants to ban same-sex marriage and impose the “Christian moral order” on the U.S.

In the interview, Eubanks told equally nutty host Michael Voris that she’s not a typical politician, “walking in the ways of the wicked,” and said her campaign exemplifies “God bringing together a coalition of true conservatives to save this country.”

Republicans are also mulling over the case of Griswold v. Connecticut because they are hopeful the Supreme Court will overturn this right alongside Roe v. Wade. This decision, handed down in 1965 said married couples have the right to contraception access. If this gets struck down it may lead to future decisions that make it even tougher to receive birth control protection, and abortion, and it may even affect marriage equality.

Here is Jacky’s agenda, which almost seems as if Trump wrote it himself.

Unsurprisingly, when Trump endorsed her, he specifically mentioned her support for the so-called “big lie,” his widely and effectively disproved false claim that the 2020 presidential election was full of widespread fraud. Eubanks, of course, wants another audit of Michigan’s 2020 election, even though a prior audit found no evidence of outside interference. She’s actually so fanatical about this that she’s actually canvassed voters in search of this non-existent fraud, which resulted in a complaint to the police that she was intimidating voters.

“We are going up against the beast,” Eubanks said at a rally recently. “The beast hates us, but the good news is God is on our side and God wins. If [we] continue to pray and to not comply and to stand up and peacefully fight back, we will see the regime’s power broken and finally the people will be put back in their rightful place as the true sovereigns in this nation.”

Eubanks is obviously cuckoo for cocoa puffs. I feel sad for Michigan voters and hope she doesn’t win her primary in August. Because if she wins, Michiganders who truly believe in Democracy will be losers.

Here’s the interview below.

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