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Compare How Trump Introduces Himself in Creepy New Video to How Obama Introduces Himself — The Difference is Hysterical

“Hello, I’m President Donald Trump.”


First of all, here is how a real ex-president introduces himself:

[Taps microphone] Hello everybody! For those of you who don’t know me… I’m Michelle’s husband. Barack.

Granted, Barack Obama is the coolest man on earth, in part because he’s married to the coolest person on earth, a woman who is three times as beautiful now as at thirty ( All women have a way of doing that but not quite as well as Michelle). The point is, of course, that Barack Obama doesn’t need to introduce himself to anyone. One can find the most secluded hut in Tibet, and if Barack Obama walked in, the person would know exactly who came in and would say, “Hello, Mr. President.”

People who meet former presidents DO use the title “Mr. President” in person, primarily because people should be as respectful as possible, even if it is just of the office. We would address Trump as “Mr. President” because one respects the office of the presidency. But anyone introducing an ex-president, or an ex-president himself, uses the title, “Former President Barack Obama.”

That is the rule. Sort of. One cannot go wrong following the simple rule above. It only gets complicated in a formal letter. One thing that is absolutely positively NOT allowed is for a former president to introduce themselves as “I am President Jack-ffff-ass Trump” because A) It is disrespectful to the current officeholder, B) Everyone likes humility and C) It is critical that this country only have one president at a time, we are not a monarchy, and every time Trump calls himself “President Trump,” it is a sign to his MAGAs that he’s STILL their president, and it also conjures up his “rigged” thing. He’s the “real president.” It is intentional.

And here he is again. Now let’s compare the self-esteem of the man below to the man above. A real man should be self-deprecating. A real man should be romantic, especially after decades of marriage, and say that his wife is the “real impressive one.” A real man can laugh. This man can’t do any of that, which means he may see himself as an alpha male, but he’s no real man…

And what’s up with the extremely dark lighting? It has to be on purpose. It is the first thing one notices, even before the “President Trump” (And he doesn’t need to give his name, the only reason he gives his name IS to say “I’m President Trump” – he’s still playing president.)

So Twitter had some fun with the old boy:


[email protected], @JaosnMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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