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Corporate America Stands UP to Stop MAGA and Support Women: Will Pay Travel Costs for Women to Get Medical Care if Needed

It has been interesting, though not necessarily a good thing. Corporate America has become very political and, almost strangely, it would seem against their financial interests. After all, which party always ensures that big corporations and the wealthy get their tax credits and fewer regulations?

So it is a bit odd that corporations have stepped up in the political realm at all and done so on the liberal side of things, at least since… well, it’s vague. But some of it definitely has to do with Trump and the rise of the MAGA movement. Corporate America cannot survive in an unpredictable and fascist nation. For corporate America to “work” it has to be able to loan and borrow money, invest in projects for the future, and know that ten years from now won’t be that different than now. That requires stability. The MAGA movement is not stable.

Perhaps we can dream that some of it – “some” – might be due to the better-educated people in charge of much of corporate America and, at least socially, leans a little toward the left. So in race relations, COVID stances, LGBTQ rights, and now, even women’s rights and the right to choose, corporate America is standing up. Not every company, but a significant percentage, enough to influence all employers. Yes, it is financially advantageous for corporations to not have to pay maternity leave, etc. Except some are willing to shell out money anyway by ensuring their employees have a choice.

Yes, it is also good public relations, at least for 60% of consumers, so it’s like a commercial. But this is completely unexpected and we mean out of the blue, who could possibly have predicted? Did you?

Obviously, there are thousands of other companies, most too small to afford to do such a thing. It is also incredibly difficult to take advantage of because the whole idea was a woman’s PRIVATE right to their PRIVATE bodily autonomy. But in the end, is this better or worse than the companies doing nothing? It is better.

It is better and it is completely unexpected.

But it is also a sign that your democratic republic capitalist society is in deep, deep, trouble and some corporations realize that they must stop the MAGAs or they will get mowed right over by a fascist movement where companies look more like Russian companies than American.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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