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Eric Swalwell Triggers All of MAGA After Confrontation With Trump Supporter : ‘I Felt Sorry for the Boy… Raised By a Cult Family’

We all raise our kids with the values we hold as our own.

I intentionally took my daughter out of the deep south to have her go to school in the Pacific Northwest from grades K-3. Her class pictures look like the United Nations. Her birthday parties always included a couple of girls for whom English was not the language spoken at home. As a small four to eight-year-old girl, she gardened with the married lesbian couple next door, the one with kids grown and moved away. Once those values are in place by third grade, they are baked in, you couldn’t get them out of her if you tried.

It was then we moved back to the deep south, for various mandatory reasons. Though we live in a resort town on the beach, and that mitigates everything, it is still the deep south and not the Pacific Northwest. She wears her “Pride Ally” shirts all year long, proudly. One of her guy friends wears lip gloss and eyeliner, he is one of two gay kids in her group of 10-12 and one girl considers herself genderless. Her school is far more liberal than most, far richer, which may have something to do with it.

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., holds his baby daughter Kathryn, nicknamed Cricket, at the start of the 116th Congress on Jan. 3, 2019. Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

Why do I even mention me? Because even as I raise my daughter with my own values, I wouldn’t have told her as a young girl – loud enough for many people to hear – “That is Marjorie Taylor-Greene, she’s a complete idiot who hates LGBTQ people and loves Trump, so hate her.” Besides, at four, my daughter would know Marj already. Kidding, sort of.

Swalwell really really triggered the Right by publishing this tweet earlier today with the entire situation reversed. Swalwell’s point rings true. Whereas most parents raise kids with values in mind (mixed races, mixed lifestyles, respect everyone), some follow a cult of personality:

Well that did it. Swalwell was trending and it had 10K replies only four hours later. There was a lot of hatred in the electronic Twitter machine:

Right. Above. We have paintings of Biden with Jesus and Biden as Rocky.

Above, a totally debunked story.


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