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‘Man Up, Lindsey!’: Kinzinger Absolutely Humiliates Lindsey Graham for Pathetic Take on Hutchinson’s Testimony

There are two ways of looking at this. Adam Kinzinger might have just seen an opportunity to unleash some righteous anger at Trump’s controlled MAGA-defense team. Or it is possible that Kinzinger wants Lindsey to go back to being “good Lindsey,” the guy he was when John McCain was alive, and trying to get Lindsey a message; “Get out now, Lindsey, I don’t care what Trump has on you.”

Yesterday, Lindsey put out a tweet stating that if Cassidy Hutchinson had testified “many times” then we should be able to see the old transcripts in case they differ.

Of course, she did not mention the events she described on Tuesday. Tuesday was a first. Lindsey knows damned well that at the time, Cassidy Hutchinson was represented by a MAGA lawyer telling her what to do, which meant… perhaps lying (which would be real trouble for the lawyer). Hutchinson fired that attorney, hired her own, and then told the complete story. Lindsey is trying to cast doubt on yesterday’s story even though he knows exactly what’s happening.

Again, Lindsey knows what’s happening and Adam Kinzinger definitely knows what’s happening, so Kinzinger unloaded on Graham in a peculiar way:

Willing to go down with the ship? That portion doesn’t require any speculation. Kinzinger is on the Committee and knows what is coming. The ship is going down. The second part is a bit interesting. Is Kinzinger implying that he knows that Trump must have something on Lindsey (Trump likely has something on everyone at that level) and that Lindsey needs to man up and take it so that he doesn’t go down with the ship?

Seen in that light, even though it’s a complete curb-stomp on Twitter, perhaps Kinzinger is trying to help Lindsey out a bit, “Get out now, Lindsey, you don’t know what I do.”

Time will tell.


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