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Melania Wishes All Dads a Special Father’s Day, Leaving Out One Dad in Particular and Twitter Had Some Thoughts

Why does Melania Trump even have a Twitter account? All she ever does is damage herself.

How does a woman who is the mother of a growing teen boy give a shout-out to all fathers and “father figures” (Which is actually a nice touch, because there are A LOT of stepdads out there that have “stepped in” as dads and are doing a wonderful job helping a mother raise their children), on Father’s day but leave out any reference to the father of her own child, especially when they are still married?

We have raked Melania over the coals mercilessly on this site for all those times when Mel’s acted like a spoiled little brat, which is very often. And her tweet today on Father’s Day isn’t something to “rip” so much as to just stay in awe of the fact that these are just horrible people that don’t even bother to pretend to care about each other. We have heard that behind the scenes, Trump both respects and fears Melania, that they’re not as distant as they seem. She seems to play a much bigger role as chief “adviser” than she does any sort of romantic partner. Indeed, that seems almost implausible.

But how do you issue this tweet (Not a “truth” on Truth Social, which is notable) and not even mention Trump, the father of her child? It is sort of standard operating procedure for the Trumps at this point, but it is truly striking:

Well, Twitter noticed who she left out, couldn’t be bothered to mention and let her know they knew why.


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