Mike Lindell Goes Absolutely BONKERS After Walmart Drops His ‘MyPillow’ Products, ‘That’s $100 Million We Don’t Have Anymore!’

It looks like MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is definitely plunging to the bottom. Now even Walmart is refusing to sell his products.

Of course,  Lindell keeps upping the crazy with his fanatical voter fraud conspiracy theories—even to the point of sinking more than $35 million of his own money into efforts to prove Donald Trump did win the 2020 election, Uproxx reports. He’s helped concoct weird fantasies that include dead Venezuelan presidents somehow influencing voting technology, repeatedly asserted he has evidence of ballots being destroyed and made a multitude of promises that he’d reinstate Trump as president after Joe Biden’s win.

Unsurprisingly, none of that has happened. What has happened instead is that Lindell is being sued for billions of dollars, especially by companies like Dominion and state governments that sank hundreds of thousands of dollars countering his nutball theories. And retailers have abandoned his merchandise in droves, yanking his pillows from their shelves.

Walmart, joining companies like Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Kohl’s, Sam’s Club, and Costco by pulling MyPillow merchandise may have caused Lindell’s empire to implode. Lindell took to his social media, Uproxx notes and posted a Facebook Live video where he claimed he offered his products at a discount but Walmart execs declined that offer.

“You guys are canceling us, just like the other box stores,” Lindell complained in his video. “It’s devastating (aww). That’s $100 million in wholesale sales that we don’t have anymore. Shame on you Walmart, you’re disgusting!”

I’ve oft heard it said that a jerk doesn’t realize he’s a jerk and that seems true in Lindell’s case.

Fellow jerk and former Trump legal advisor Jenna Ellis also shared the news, and requested that the MAGA faithful help prop up sales on Twitter.

Lindell can whine all he wants about this, but he’s finally getting exactly what he deserves. He fanned the flames that encouraged Trump supporters to do dangerous things and now he’s getting burned.

You can watch his ridiculous conniption fit below.

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