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The Most DEVASTATING Testimony Against Trump Comes From … Trump Himself, Over the Loudspeaker

If Trump is going to go to prison, or at least be convicted (He could appeal until the end of time, and no one has lived forever yet), it will likely either involve his Georgia phone call or the files down in Florida, at least that is this site’s opinion at this point. Granted, it sure seems as though there is momentum picking up to charge Trump-Eastman-Meadows together for the alternate electors theory, but with respect to getting a guilty verdict, it will likely have to do with one of those two cases.

The reasoning is simple. The most convincing testimony against Trump today came from Trump himself on loudspeakers that echoed throughout the entire committee room. It was surprisingly powerful. Yes, we have all heard the tape. But we have not heard the tape played commensurate with testimony from the people who were there and we have not heard the tape played after hearing what Trump’s actions did to these people’s personal lives.

The President of the United States begging for the Secretary of State of Georgia to find votes. Did you ever think you’d see this in America?

Hearing Trump pleading while also picking numbers out of the air; “I won by 400,000 votes,” and insisting upon the fact that he just wants the truth, and everyone will look better if they just get the truth, is just so devastating when heard booming throughout a room in which every person there knows he is lying:

It just sounds absurd and it also sounds very criminal. The pressure on Brad Raffensperger is just unforgivable. This is what will convict him, this or the files.

Twitter was shocked:


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