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Whoopi Goes OFF on Thomas, Warns Him That His Marriage Could Be Next: ‘You Better Hope They Don’t Come For You’

Okay. So Whoopi went after Clarence Thomas, big time today on The View.

Sorry, but we cannot support 100% of her argument. She doesn’t get to hate on Justice Thomas just because he’s black and a conservative. That is almost as wrong as being racist (ALMOST, not AD bad). Thomas gets to be both without having to endure overt hatred because of it.

BUT, that’s not the end of the story.

Part of Whoopi’s argument was probably stronger than she knows and then a very very good lawyer, Ted, Rafael (first name) Cruz, who sincerely has a brilliant brilliant legal mind, and yet is a fcking moron when it comes to just normal average, common sense, “don’t leave your state during a dire emergency and then don’t screw it up worse at every moment afterward.”

So first, let’s watch Whoopi take Clarence Thomas to the shed over his ruling:

Okay. Now Whoopi is exactly right to mention that Thomas is in a mixed-race marriage, something that was against the law in much of the South through the 1950s and 60s. N0w, it was a law that wasn’t necessarily always enforced, but it WAS a law. It took the Constitution and the SCOTUS to say that’s bullsh*t and they used the very same “right to privacy” prong of the Constitution to say that laws outlawing mix-race marriages were unconstitutional.

Interestingly, Thomas said the court should revisit the laws on birth control, gay marriage, and criminalizing gay intimacy but Thomas skipped riiiiggght on over the Loving v. Virginia (Accidentally the best-named case in history) case.

Ted Cruz knows about the Loving case. Ted Cruz clerked for the SCOTUS. Ted Cruz has a brilliant legal mind, and Ted knows exactly what kind of problems Thomas might have if that prong of the Supreme Court law, “Substantive due process, a special right to privacy” was suddenly gone.

So, while Whoopi is wrong to hate Thomas for a ruling. She is right to hate Thomas for not bringing up his own marriage that would get him in serious trouble without those laws, even if few to no state would outlaw them now. Ted is just throwing misinformation out there and his followers are… well, falling


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