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Gov. Kristi Noem Releases ‘Dances with Wolves’ Style Ad Which is Obviously a ‘Pick Me for VP’ Commercial to Trump

We wouldn’t say that Governor Kristi Noem is willing to do anything to be Trump’s running mate in the 2024 election because the connotations with women are always unfair. What can be said is that Kristi Noem has made it unbelievably obvious – for quite some time – that she wants to hang her [cowgirl] hat on MAGA and ride it as far as it’ll take her. This is the woman who knew that Trump so loved the idea of being carved into Mount Rushmore that she had a replica of Rushmore sculpted, one in which Trump was added.

Now Fox News tells us that Noem’s new commercial, straight out of Dances With Wolves, with movie-quality production, isn’t running in South Dakota so much as it is in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, which – coincidentally, are the first three primary states. She could have saved a lot of money by simply emailing it to Trump, except Trump doesn’t use email…

Oh, wow.

She certainly has the confidence and bravado that Trump would want. Noem seems to think quite highly of herself. Americans will also recall that Noem was the least apologetic governor in the country when it came to refusing to impose any sort of restrictions during the COVID period, which led to a lot of deaths in South Dakota’s meat-packing industry. Tragically, that will likely be seen as a net positive no matter how much freedom a person loses with preventable death.

So Noem seems to have thrown her [cowgirl] hat into the ring in the race for president in… 2024. Yes, correct, it is only July in 2022. True, Noem is running for reelection in South Dakota this November, but given where she is placing her digital ads? She would give up that ranch in a heartbeat for a nice house on the grounds of the Naval Observatory.


People on Twitter called her out as well:

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