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‘A Little Short, Like Your Second Term’: Trump Heckled and Humiliated on His Own Golf Course

The major news coming out of this story isn’t so much that Trump was heckled on his own golf course, tickets were cheap, and he was at a “Pro-Am,” so it’s the crowd could’ve had people from any political persuasion (Though some of these hecklers might have actually supported him, too). No, the major news coming out of this heckle is that people mocked Trump, and instead of crying and screaming, Trump acted like a normal person. He sort of joked along… something that happens maybe once every five to ten years.

According to the Dailymail:

Jake Adams and his friends hurled remarks at the former president just meters behind him at the LIV Golf pro-am at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, New Jersey, last Thursday.

Footage shows Trump, wearing his signature MAGA hat, about to swing when Jake, 29, from Venice, Los Angeles, says: ‘You built a golf course just to miss this green.’

The former president surprisingly quips back by saying, ‘it isn’t an easy one to miss,’ before one of Jake’s pals interrupts his practice shots to say ‘that swing looks a little broken, was it made in China?’

The Republican then joins in on the banter, again, saying ‘I don’t know – too much is made in China,’ before swinging back to take his shot.

And then there was this winner when the pranksters joked that his drive was “shorter than his second term”.

Jake Adams and his friends hurled remarks at the former president just meters behind him at the LIV Golf pro-am last Thursday.

Quipped back? He didn’t have them summarily shot? (He got away with a coup – so far – why would anyone think that he couldn’t shoot someone on the fifth hole and not lose a vote or his freedom.)

And yet he still quipped back? Or at least didn’t have them shot?

It kind of reminds us of the time when the entire UN laughed at Trump, and he never looked more human, never looked “less Trump” than when he sort of laughed along and sort of mocked himself:

If you start at the 45-second mark, you hear the U.N. laughing at his boast. He laughs along with them and says, “I didn’t expect that reaction, but it’s okay.” If Trump had the ability to do that and humanize himself too far more people, he would be… infinitely more dangerous because some might see him as more “likeable” and normal.


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