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Biden Uncharacteristically BLASTS Trump After Amazing Job Report, ‘After the 4 Years He Was in Office, I Said NO MORE!’

It has become a sick pattern. Republicans talk about small government until they are in office, and then they blast the deficit all to hell – in part because they both lower taxes and borrow more money to spread more largesse. No one does big government for the rich like the Re. But it ruins the economy with a lag effect. It took eight years of Bush to crash things. It took a year and a half after Trump for everything to fall apart.

Democrats are always left to pick up the pieces. Clinton did it. Obama did it. And now Biden is doing it.

Except Biden rarely “takes a victory lap,” it isn’t really his style. But perhaps he’s so sick of Trump blasting him day after day, that even Joe Biden couldn’t resist, and so he went straight at Trump after a great jobs report, a growing economy, bringing down the deficit, and investing in 21 Century power.

Today there are more people working in America than before the pandemic began. In fact, there are more people working in America than at any point in American history. You know, what we are also seeing is something that just a few years ago, many experts said was literally impossible, the revitalization of American manufacturing. Since I took office, we’ve created 642,000 American manufacturing jobs in America. 

We’ve seen the biggest and fastest job recovery in American manufacturing history since the ’50s. And some people may have given up on American manufacturing. But the American people didn’t and I know I never did. That is why I made it, “Make it in America,” that phrase, “Make it in America,” the cornerstone of my economic plan. And today’s report proves “Make it in America” is not just a slogan, it is my administration. It is a reality.

“After watching my predecessor every single year increase the debt for the four years that he was in office, I said no more.”

“The days of exploding federal deficits are over and I’ve kept my word. deficit is down at a record of $1.7 trillion this year.”

Well done, Mr. President. Well done. Numbers don’t lie.



[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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