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Ivanka Trump Had a Pretty Bad Day Yesterday and Social Media is Loving It

Donald Trump’s two children sat for depositions in the New York attorney general’s probe into Trump’s business and finances, according to CNN.

Both Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. were subpoenaed along with their father earlier this year, and Trump’s multiple attempts to block the probe and the calls to testify have failed. The depositions were initially scheduled for July 15, but New York Attorney General Letitia James agreed to postpone when Ivana Trump, died the day prior.

And of course we know that how turned out:

CNN reported that Trump Jr.’s deposition took place last Thursday, and Ivanka sat for hers just yesterday. Donald Trump is expected to testify later this month

James’s office is conducting the investigation into whether Donald Trump inflated the property value of his Trump Organization before investors and subsequently deflated them to get tax and loan benefits.

Trump has fought James’s subpoenas and attempts by her office to obtain related documents since the start of the investigation, claiming that the investigation is a politically motivated witch hunt. This man has claimed to have experienced more witch hunts than the actual Salem witches at this point.

Ivanka is getting quite skilled at sitting for depositions.

Apparently Don Jr. didn’t plead the Fifth, it is unknown whether Ivanka did.

But Twitter certainly had their thoughts:

And Michael Cohen, who knows a lot of inside information about this, had this to say:


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