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Marjorie Taylor Greene to File Articles of Impeachment Against Merrick Garland and Her Reason is Hysterical

“Take your nuclear secrets, TS-SCI documents, state secrets, proof of espionage, and shove it all up your impeached a$$, Merrick Garland! And no, I don’t care if you got a judge to sign your sh*tty search warrant, and no, I don’t care if Trump sold the specs to our most modern hypersonic nuclear missiles to the Saudis, you’re getting it!”

So says Marjorie Taylor Greene, or something to that effect.

On a day when every single Republican who ever supported Donald Trump is doing their level best to keep their head down, Marj is going over the edge. According to an exclusive in Rawstory, she is readying to file Articles of Impeachment against Merrick Garland, who continues to insist he has the right to enforce the law against “The One.”

A copy of the Resolution was obtained by the Daily Caller, while Marj explained why she was filing the articles.

“They’ve been trying to impeach President Trump and they’ve been attacking President Trump for six years now. The left has led violence against the right for a long time.. Anyone that wears a MAGA hat is demonized. You talk about a movement to politically paint a group of people into something bad — the left has done that to the right for six years now, specifically Donald J. Trump.”

“Nobody is calling for violence against the FBI or Department of Justice. We are just sick and tired of the two-tiered justice system in America where people are jailed just a couple of blocks from here in the D.C. jail and where, you know, antifa and BLM rioters, they are let go. But yet people who just walked into the Capitol here on January 6 are demonized and called terrorists every single day. Enough of the two-tiered justice system in America, and that’s why Merrick Garland has to be impeached, because he’s the leader of it.”

No doubt there is a two-tier justice system in America, just not the one Marj thinks exists. There is the tier for the rich and powerful, and Trump has milked that for decades upon decades, and there is the tier for the poor and POC. But there is only one tier when it comes to stealing some of the most secret information in the United States government. Highly secret government information is always very valuable to the right people (Ask Jared), and there is a word for people who sell out the United States for money; Traitors.

Good luck with that impeachment, Marj.


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