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Media Reporter Brian Stelter is Leaving CNN and Everyone on the Right is Celebrating

Well, the MAGAs might go on a two-week drunk. Brian Stelter and his show “Reliable Sources” are to be taken off the air on CNN. Stelter’s show – in case anyone is unfamiliar – often infuriated both sides of the political spectrum, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But given that Stelter was charged with evaluating media coverage of various topics, he was almost forced to absolutely blast everything coming from Fox and the networks even further right.

He would often point out how they were just flat wrong on facts. MAGAs hate that! But, apparently, CNN didn’t like him or his show that much, either. From NPR:

“It was a rare privilege to lead a weekly show focused on the press at a time when it has never been more consequential,” Stelter said, promising to say more on Sunday’s show — its final episode…

“… CNN chief Chris Licht informed Stelter of the decision yesterday. Licht has been making cuts throughout the network since taking the helm as part of Warner Bros. Discovery’s takeover of the old Time Warner company. Stelter, who often touted the show’s ratings on Twitter, was among those CNN hosts targeted for frequent criticism from conservatives for his coverage of the media in the Trump years.

Stelter joined CNN in 2013, prior to that he was the media reporter for the NYT, a job he got right after graduating college.

“Among those publicly joining in on the broader criticism of CNN as having become politicized was the investor John Malone, a major financial stakeholder of the new WarnerDiscovery conglomerate. In an episode on February, Stelter cited Malone more than a dozen times in coverage of the Discovery deal for CNN and its sister properties, expressing some concern about the investor’s influence.”

Wow! One hardly ever sees a hardcore MAGA being so thin-skinned that he couldn’t take any criticism about Stelter’s concern that the network would become more political through an “investor’s influence.” The MAGA who came in is the only guy who was concerned about CNN being “political.”

When Jim Acosta calls out Fox News as being the “Bullsh*t factory,” that is not political, it is noting that their facts are nothing but bullsh*t. But, hey, Malone’s a MAGA. He likes his bullsh*t smelling like flowers.

Will anyone really miss Stelter? Probably not. But it isn’t necessarily a “good move” for Trump critics.

Just look how the right is celebrating:




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