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Pro-Trump Clothing Company Fined by Feds for Replacing ’Made in China’ Tags With ‘Made in USA’ Tags

The Utah-based clothing company catchily named “Lions Not Sheep” loves America so much that it’s made plenty of hullabaloo about its clothing being made in America. So much so that a free copy of the U.S. Constitution was included in every order.

Trouble is, according to the Federal Trade Commission, the company has actually been cutting the labels off of the clothes. Those labels say “made in China,” (or other countries) and the company has been stamping the clothes “Made In The USA.” The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the owner has agreed to pay a $211,335 fine to the FTC.

And as part of the legal settlement, Lions Not Sheep has agreed to stop committing label fraud and will stop promoting foreign-made products as U.S.-made and will also contact everyone who has purchased clothing from the company since May 2021 to let them know about the company’s little fib.

Lions Not Sheep owner Sean Whalen. A Trump supporter who follows everything Trump says…like a sheep.

Now, Lions Not Sheep, even before getting in trouble with the FTC, is just the kind of company former President Donald Trump would love. But I’m willing to bet he’d love it even more after the grift. Because grift is something Trump excels in, he can probably relate.

And I mean, who couldn’t love a company that sells pro-American, pro-gun, and pro-Trump Tee shirts, hats, and apparel? Oh yes, and if you’re looking for that “Let’s Go Brandon” shirt you’ve come to the right place.

Or maybe you’d prefer a “Give Violence A Chance” sweatshirt, or maybe even a “Shall Not Be Infringed Upon” tank top. Or, you can share your appreciation for Old Glory with your very own pair of American flag onesie pajamas.

And for the wimmin folk, they’ve got snazzy Tee shirts emblazoned with “No Beard, No Booty.”

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that apparel company Lions Not Sheep purposely mislabeled its products as “Made in the USA” when they were really imported. Photo via FTC

Boy howdy, Lions Not Sheep has everything every good old boy would want.

It’s redneck heaven.

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