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‘Saudi Trump’ Explodes on Twitter: Trump Takes Saudi Money, Biden Takes Out al-Qaeda’s Leader

A person on Twitter asked why the Trump family was so enamored with the Saudis. The answer is blindingly obvious beyond the fact that it begins and ends with money, which is the only animating force in any Trump. Trump even told us the reason he loves the Saudis. They pay in cash! Yes, he said that as president as he talked about selling the Saudis weapons, causing everyone to wonder if the U.S. president got an agent’s cut of the sale. At the time of Trump’s weird statement, Vox took a shot at explaining Trump’s relationship with Saudi Arabia after two oil refineries were attacked:

First, the president argued that “we don’t need Middle Eastern Oil & Gas.” Then he made an apparent vow to not only come to Saudi Arabia’s assistance anyway but also to completely defer to the Saudi royal family as to “under what terms we would proceed.”

Correct. They pay in cash, and it’s always about the money. Ask Jared.

… It’s a fishy situation that naturally raises questions about Trump’s personal financial relationships with Persian Gulf monarchies — questions he and his allies in Congress have been successfully stonewalling for years.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, Saudi King Salman, Melania Trump, and Donald Trump visit the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, May 21, 2017. (Saudi Press Agency via AP)

Yes, you better believe it’s fishy, and that was true before the Saudis showed up at Trump’s pathetic golf course in Scotland with a disarming about of luggage (“They pay in cash!”) and before Jared got $2 billion to invest from the Saudi wealth fund.

This all occurred despite the fact that there is an increasing amount of evidence that some members of the royal family were involved in financing 9-11.

Trump slammed Obama for bowing to the the King of Saudi Arabia. But Trump did the sam. After receiving a giant gold medal, Trump “curtsied” to the King.

Speaking of 9-11, Joe Biden was busy blowing up al-Qaeda this last weekend. You may have heard. Meanwhile, Trump hosted a Saudi-back golf tournament over the same weekend. The juxtaposition had Twitter raging as “Saudi-Trump” trends hard:

We didn’t, either. But should have.


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