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Woman Flashes Trump ‘White Privilege Card’ to Cops When Pulled Over: They Laugh and Let Her Go

Something is very “fishy” up in Alaska.

Two Alaska officers pulled a woman over for a traffic stop last month. It was during the time of the Trump rally. Instead of handing the officers her driver’s license (which she couldn’t find), the Filipino woman flashed a ‘White Privilege Card Trumps Everything.” The cops thought it was so funny that they let her go despite the fact that her car was weaving at 3:30 a.m. If the car was weaving, she was either too tired, too drunk, or too incompetent to drive. Again, she was let go.

Or maybe they pulled her over because she wasn’t white because it was 3:30 a.m. and just said she was “weaving.” It’s possible.

The weird thing is that the Anchorage Police Department won’t say what happened to the officers because they are keeping it as an “internal confidential personnel matter,” which could be a sign that the two officers weren’t the only ones who found it was funny.

According to the Anchorage Daily News :

Mimi Israelah said in a Facebook post that she was pulled over for weaving at 3:43 a.m. on July 9 while driving to a pizzeria in Anchorage after arriving on an early-morning flight from California for Trump’s rally.

Mimi Israelah, center, cheers for Donald Trump inside the Alaska Airlines Center in Anchorage, Alaska, during a rally Saturday July 9, 2022.

She couldn’t find her driver’s license, she wrote on Facebook in a now-deleted post.

“When I saw my White Privilege card, I gave to him if it’s ok,” she wrote. “He laughed and called his partner. It’s their first time to see a White Privileged (sic) card,” she said.

The top of the novelty card reads: “White Privilege Card Trumps Everything.”

Israelah in her Twitter biography describes herself as Pinay, or a woman of Filipino origin.

A video apparently taken by Israelah of the encounter has been reposted on Twitter. Two officers are seen standing outside her car window. She asks one, “You like my White Privilege card?” One officer says, “That’s hilarious.”

The only comment from the Anchorage PD came from Deputy Chief Sean Case said some people who saw the post didn’t like it, didn’t find it funny, they found it incredibly inappropriate and very worrisome. Are we all supposed to put huge MAGA stickers on our cars now just to keep from being pulled over?

Police in Alaska are investigating a social media photo of a woman who showed an officer her ‘white privilege card’ instead of a driver’s license during traffic stop



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