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Americans Go Nuts After Lincoln Project Reveals How Many Lawsuits and Criminal Cases Trump is Currently Involved In

Did you know that Trump was sued by several lawmakers under the Ku Klux Klan act for his January 6th insurgency, prohibiting them from doing Congressional duties? Sure you did. It’s just likely that you’ve forgotten. The staff here and I had forgotten until we tried counting up all “cases” Trump is involved in. The Lincoln Project put out the challenge. The winner got free LP gear.

Now, it’s kind of a tricky question because Trump hasn’t been charged with a crime, and so technically, it’s absolutely impossible to really know because we generally don’t “count” investigations. Additionally, if Trump were to be charged in the case of the file (for example), the potential charge could have anywhere from two to ten different crimes listed: Wrongful possession of government documents, obstruction of justice, fraud, espionage, you certainly understand.

But somehow, the LP counts up 19, and that number is totally arbitrary because are they counting the fake electors thing as one crime and the insurgency as a different one?

The funny thing isn’t the competition so much as the responses that didn’t even name a number but commented on it, and this includes MAGA comments. No one does victimization better!

Right. This is all being coordinated and there is nothing to any of the cases against Trump. It is ALL made up to get him!

A better answer:

Correct! The number isn’t 19. It’s an imaginary number, just like the square root of one. It cannot be determined! The Trumps really should be considered a serious flight risk. It is possible to imagine them going to Saudi Arabia, saying that they’ll never live in peace in the United States. Not that Saudi Arabia has much use for them at this point:

And more:


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