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Maggie Haberman Says Trump Has Serious ‘Anxiety’ Over Missing Documents Case, and Even Has Proof

If anyone truly understands Donald Trump it’s New York Times columnist and CNN analyst, Maggie Haberman. On Thursday, she said she knows the former president is “jolted” by the probe of documents seized at Mar-a-Lago. Her answer was blunt — and funny.

“To those who argue Trump isn’t worried about the documents case, here’s a @woodruffbets scoop about lawyer Kise being paid $3 million by Trump’s PAC,” Haberman posted Thursday on Twitter, adding “Trump is not known for paying lawyers, and this case has jolted him.”

In her tweet, Haberman is referring to a Betsy Woodruff piece for Politico reporting that Trump’s Save America PAC “has paid $3 million to cover attorney Chris Kise’s legal work representing the former President.”

Trump failing to make good on debts is nothing new, it’s something he’s done throughout his public life. He even tried to pay one attorney’s $2 million legal fees by offering him a horse. Well, that’s certainly an imaginative approach. Nonetheless, the attorney did not take him up on the equine offering.

Haberman hammered her point home Thursday on CNN’s The Situation Room. Program host Wolf Blitzer quizzed her about Trump’s persistently claiming he “can’t imagine” being indicted.

Blitzer asked her:

“Maggie, you just heard the former president insist he can’t imagine being indicted. But based on your reporting, is that what he is saying both publicly and privately?”


“Privately, he has said a range of things, Wolf. But generally speaking, people around him have started to detect anxiety, not the least of which he just hired a very new, high-priced lawyer who is being paid through PAC money. Even if it isn’t Donald Trump’s personal money, he doesn’t like parting with it if it is in his control. This tells me that there is a real level of concern here despite whatever bravado he is showing.”

Does any of this really surprise you? Trump is famous for not paying those who work for him; especially lawyers, including his own buddy, Rudy Giuliani. But he knows his goose is cooked if he doesn’t have a cracker-jack attorney who knows his stuff. Even with that, his goose may still be cooked.

And really, that’s kind of poetic justice in a way. The man famous for scr*wing people out of money might finally be scr*wed himself.

Here’s the clip below.

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