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Marjorie Taylor Greene Mocks Beto O’Rourke for Having ‘Low T’ and It Doesn’t End Well for Her

What does Marjorie know about men’s steroid hormones, specifically testosterone? A lot of inquiring minds want to know.

As we have said on numerous occasions, there is absolutely no evidence, none, zip, nada, that Marjorie has ever taken steroids. We have only noted that steroids float freely in gyms across this country, that Marjorie owns a gym, and that Marj is awfully aggressive. Nothing more. Additionally, and completely apart from any concern with Marjorie Taylor Greene, we’ve wondered if a woman – any woman – takes steroids, could that be considered, from at least one vantage point, akin to being transexual? And wouldn’t it be deeply ironic, a little funny, and very telling if that woman – any woman – was so strongly anti-trans when she herself…

No, we are not starting a conspiracy theory for those that might ask. We have said that there is absolutely no evidence or even accusations about Marjorie. But if there was, it would be delicious.

Marjorie believes she can sense “Low-T” in men from television, given we doubt that Marjorie has ever shaken Beto O’Rourke’s hand or been in the same room, it must be from TV or the net. We ask why Marjorie is concerned with Beto’s hormone levels vis a vi Marjorie’s? Her tweet here is more than a bit odd:

Low T is common in men like you? Does she mean Democrats that believe free-flowing assault rifles sold to 18-year-olds contribute to the deaths of children? Does she mean Democrats who believe women are autonomous members of society that should have every option available to them as men? Does she mean Democrats who believe our LGBTQ family should have the same rights as heteros? That all of us have “Low-T”? If that’s the requirement, where do we sign up?

And is she saying the inverse, too? That the pick-up driving, Ray-ban wearing, goatee preening, assault weapon-owning, Trump-voting, MAGA ipso-facto has “high T”? And, even more important, is Marjorie saying that “high T” is necessarily a good thing, always?

We just have questions. So does Twitter:


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