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Oz May Have Just Sealed His Fate, Infuriating Trump: Says He Would’ve Certified Biden’s Election Win Over Trump

Poor Oz.

He is getting his ass kicked by “everyman” and good guy John Fetterman (though polls still give Oz a chance, it’s all about turnout). Oz’s biggest problem is Fetterman. Everyone tends to like him. Even the MAGAs didn’t like Trump calling Fetterman a heroin and meth addict. And Oz’s second biggest problem is that no one likes him, Dr. Oz. He is from New Jersey, a fact laughably established and played up, often cleverly and humorously by Fetterman. Plus, Oz is a dick.

But Oz has two things going for him. He is a MAGA Republican in a 50-50 state. He also has Trump’s endorsement. Pennsylvania Republicans can swallow their pride and vote for Oz, knowing he’ll be one of the “50” red votes they need.

But now Oz is putting that same MAGA cred in trouble without any chance of picking up an extra vote from independents, who will definitely vote for Fetterman. Oz is admitting he would’ve voted to certify the election. From Mediaite:

Dr. Mehmet Oz tried to have it both ways with Donald Trump by saying he wouldn’t have impeached the former president over January 6th, but also that he would not have contested Trump’s 2020 election defeat. Oz held a news conference alongside Pat Toomey (R) on Tuesday as he continues his campaign to replace the outgoing Pennsylvania senator.

I would not have objected to it,” said Oz. “By the time the delegates and those reports were sent to the U.S. Senate, our job was to approve it, which is what I would have done.” Asked if he supported Toomey’s vote for Trump’s impeachment, Oz answered “I would not have voted in favor of impeaching President Trump. I think the President was already leaving office by then.”

It is unclear who Oz is trying to make happy here. If he is trying to make a move to the center, it’s a bit too late for that, what with the Trump endorsement and all. He is certainly going to infuriate Trump and the hardcore MAGAs. He would have been far better off with a non-committal answer, “I wasn’t there, didn’t see all the information, and thus it is really hard to tell what might’ve been best in that situation, blah blah blah.”

Instead, he “Oz’d it,” saying something just dumb enough to get everyone’s attention, making no one really happy and much less likely to vote for him.


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