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Trump is Going Full QAnon and It’s Frightening — Also Posts That He’s Second to Jesus

Donald Trump knows that the only reason he hasn’t been arrested already is that he’s a former president, and people worry about widespread violence breaking out upon his potential arrest. We have seen expert after expert say, “If I was caught with those records, I would be in jail right now…” He knows that he had no innocent reason to have those files, and he may know of a lot of very bad reasons he kept them and may fear that those reasons are about to be discovered in the investigation.

So Trump’s best hope is to rally the people most likely to “fight” for him should any arrest come down. We have seen this drill before. And so Trump is now openly courting the Qanon people, the very same people that have wanted to fight since Trump’s first year in office. These are the people that believe Democrats are trafficking babies around the earth and using pituitary glands to get adrenochrome (“The best high there is,” but it has to be “harvested from a live person who then dies.” Not a single part of that conspiracy theory is true.) If Trump openly embraces the Qanons, then they will be ready for “The Storm,” which they believe is coming any day now.

On Truth Social, Trump posted a video containing several QAnon messages about himself. He’s not trying to hide it anymore.

No, he doesn’t want it hidden. These are his troops throughout the country.

And of course, Trump wouldn’t be Trump if he didn’t showcase that narcissism. Here he is comparing himself to Jesus with a retweet on Truth Social.

And Trump is playing right along. It is true that he has fewer solid supporters than ever before, but the ones that are left are the most hardened of the hardened. Trump is banking on them to be such a threat that DOJ refuses to file charges in this context.


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