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Trump’s Already Having Serious Problems With the Special Master HE CHOSE

One thing is becoming very clear about Raymond J. Dearie, the special master appointed by a federal judge to review the material seized by the FBI at Mar-a-Lago last month: He is definitely not willing to put up with any of Donald Trump’s nonsense.

Uproxx is reporting that when Trump’s attorneys met with Dearie for the first time, things did not go well. Dearie was appointed to this role by federal court judge Aileen Cannon, who was herself appointed by Trump. Judge Dearie cut the Trump nonsensery off at the knees by immediately demanding that the attorneys offer proof that the documents the former president brought to Mar-a-Lago were actually declassified. They balked and waffled, refusing to clarify the actions Trump took to declassify the materials and said they might do so later, noting that they didn’t want to give away their legal strategy.

Dearie expressed that this was okay but he also indicated a certain amount of frustration with Trump’s legal team casting doubt on the classification of the aforementioned documents and not providing any proof.

“My view is, you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” Dearie told the attorneys.

Dearie couldn’t help but wonder why they were even bothering with the hearings, and why they’d brought him in. He pointed out that the government has said the documents were classified, yet all Trump’s attorneys are doing is saying they aren’t classified but at the same time not offering any proof.

“What am I looking for?” Dearie asked. “As far as I’m concerned, that’s the end of it.”

What business is it of the court?” he added.

Now Dearie will be sifting through the 11,000 documents federal agents removed from Mar-a-Lago, with 100 of the documents denoted with markings that suggest they may hold some of the nation’s most closely guarded secrets. Trump has, however, claimed without providing any evidence, that he has declassified them.

The first hearing was definitely a trainwreck and that delighted many folks on social media. Some even suggested that the reason Trump’s lawyers didn’t bring up some of his claims is that they knew lying could very well cost them their law licenses — something that indeed did happen to one attorney in particular.

It’s heartening that people are happily watching Trump and his lawyers walking on very thin ice.

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