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Watch Alex Jones Squirm When He’s Asked About Calling the Judge a Tyrant with Laser Eyes

Alex Jones is having a very bad week. Of course, being a defendant in a trial in which you’re in real trouble sort of ipso facto ruins your week, maybe month. This is especially true when the trial involves nothing but asking the jury what they find to be the appropriate amount of money damages with which to punish you, that’s a truly sucky one. Alex defaulted in the cases and so the verdict is irrelevant, he’s been found liable, nothing more to do but… take his money and give it to the parents.

This jury has heard all the evidence involving what he did to these people, all the lies, the pain, and have heard direct testimony from those parents that lost a child. Most people’s blood would boil in fury. Of course, judges also have feelings and perspective (though it seldom has an impact on a trial) and the judge happened to be sitting within ten feet of Jones as he was cross-examined on the number of times he has called the judge a “typrant” with laser eyes.

So, you would think that would be quite awkward for Jones, hearing his statements about the person in control sitting beside him. And it certainly was:

On cross-examination today, Alex Jones is confronted on cross that he has been calling the judge (sitting next to him) a “tyrant” on his show during the trial, while showing lasers coming out of her eyes.

Ouch, ouch, ouch. It is just delicious watching Jones squirm and feeling smaller with each word. How very fitting. His words hurt so many others and now they come back to hurt him. Perfect.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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