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Democrats Now Desperately Want Trump to Win the GOP Primary

As Chris Christie said earlier today:

“This is just another example of an awful lack of judgment from Donald Trump, which, combined with his past poor judgments, make him an untenable general election candidate for the Republican Party in 2024,”

After Trump’s week, dining with the nation’s most notorious anti-Semite and racist and all, Democrats are coming around to agree with Chris Christie that Trump is an untenable general election candidate, but for that reason, Democrats want Trump to win the GOP Primary. According to The Hill:

Members of President Biden’s party are openly pining for Trump to become the 2024 Republican nominee, believing he is just too flawed to win a general election.

They argue that the situation today is markedly different from 2016, not least because voters now know what they get with Trump in office. And Democrats are eager to have such a beatable opponent in an election that is likely to be challenging for their party.

“I am hoping for Trump’s nomination, ‘cause I think he’s the easiest candidate to beat,” former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean (D) told “The Briefing with Steve Scully” on SiriusXM this week.

Yes, well – agreed.

There is one danger to this type of strategy. It does most often produce victories (See Pennsylvania and Mehmet Oz). On those occasions where it doesn’t work (See Ohio, J.D. Vance), you are left with the looniest and most dangerous person in the field. Given that we are talking about the presidency. where we’ve already had one term with the loon, it is too dangerous to have another.

Some might say, “Well, they’re all the same… ” NO. They are not. Not all of them cheer for Russia and bend over for the Arabs at every turn. (Though some do). Some would be far better at handling emergencies, whether natural disasters or world events. Some aren’t in it just for the money.

So, it’s a bit risky to say, “I hope Trump is the nominee because he’s the easiest to beat,” it’s entirely legitimate. Just be sure to beat him.


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