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GOP REVENGE: Swalwell, Schiff, Omar Kicked Off ALL Committees, Rittenhouse Was ‘Honored Guest’

Generally speaking, House committees stay the same unless a representative would like to switch focus. The Speaker is the authority that “appoints” people to committees, but normally – as Pelosi did on every committee except the January 6th Committee – the Speaker just accepts the nominations made by the leader of the minority party. That is the way things normally work.

But we know that Republicans, under the leadership of Marjorie Taylor Greene (and, no – that’s not a joke, one can make the argument that she is far more powerful than Kevin McCarthy because if she decides something and McCarthy disagrees, she will find a bank of microphones and have the MAGA-America First crowd calling for McCarthy to step down. This is the GOP 2022). Marjorie and thus Kevin McCarthy wants Schiff, Swalwell, and Omar removed from their committee. Correct, the three will not serve on a committee as it stands right now. (Though that hasn’t been established).

Schiff is too effective. Swalwell cooperated too quickly with the FBI when warned about a possible Chinese spy, and Omar is too Muslim, or at least that would seem to be the breakdown. Other than Marjorie hating the three of them, there doesn’t seem to be any other “tie” to the group.

Oh, and the House GOP honored Kyle Rittenhouse as its special guest for gunning down three people after illegally transporting a firearm that he didn’t own across state lines. It is telling that Rittenhouse is such a hero on the Right because there cannot be that many people who use a gun in self-defense (if we respect the jury’s verdict). Otherwise, Rittenhouse wouldn’t “stick out” the way he does.

Here is one excuse with no proof whatsoever:



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