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James Woods Thinks Hunter’s Laptop is SO BAD it Will End Joe Biden’s Administration

During Beau Biden’s fight with cancer while Joe was Vice-President and, supposedly, making all this money skimming off the Chinese deals. From The Guardian:

Biden said he and his wife Jill, a community college professor, thought about selling their house to help support Beau’s family if he resigned because there was “nothing for him to fall back on, no salary”.

“He [Obama] got up and he said, ‘Don’t sell that house. Promise me you won’t sell the house,’” Biden said.

Obama offered to give Joe the money. Not loan him the money. Give Joe the money. From an outside view, it doesn’t appear that the Bidens were overly rich or had a lot of disposable income or even much savings. And yet, Joe was apparently making millions, perhaps billions, according to MAGA sources like James Woods, and they’re sure that the Biden administration is “going down.” This is particularly hilarious in light of the last administration and the hotel down the street with rooms rented that were entirely empty.

*I have to say, I 100% disagree with Willis – who is quoting Woods – when he says we sound like Woods. Trump committed 10 acts of obstruction of justice that Mueller found (that could be filed tomorrow). He did a quid pro quo with Ukraine, the fake elector attack on the Capitol, and the Top-Secret SCI files. We do NOT sound like James Woods. Only Woods sound like Woods:

Hunter may or may not be in trouble. He was certainly reckless, and Biden’s DOJ isn’t going to protect him. But Joe Biden is a career politician who knows that the moment he takes a dollar, he’s done. Because now people have something on him. There is no way that Biden, thinking about the White House himself (especially in 2018), would take such massive risks.

Plus, when his son was dying, and Joe needed to take care of his family, his first thought was to sell the family home. That isn’t someone getting money from China.


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