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Jenna Ellis Rudely Disrespects Colorado Springs Victims, Twitter Explodes with Revulsion

Who does Jenna Ellis think she is?

For one, she wasn’t some great, respected attorney who was asked to be part of Trump’s representation after the election. She sort of slumped her way on after being a very mediocre prosecutor in Colorado, not only mediocre but near anonymous. But having secured a place on Trump’s team (She probably volunteered her work for free and figured she’d make money off it down the line. She might have been right on that), she proceeded to get famous for all the wrong reasons.

Yesterday, when the Colorado Springs Police Department identified the victims, they chose to announce that they were “respecting all members of our community, including our LGBTQ members. Therefore, we will be identifying our victims by how they identified themselves and how their families loved and identified them.”

It is very safe to assume that the Colorado Springs PD does not consist of progressive Democrats interested in improving LBBTQ rights at every… Maybe that’s not fair. We only know that Colorado Springs is a conservative city likely served by a very conservative police department but also a police department that spoke to the victims’ families and perhaps learned a little (sometimes, that’s all it takes), and that is the least it could do in identifying the victims as their last “identification.”

Jenna Ellis couldn’t handle it:

Oh, so Jenna is going to tell us what’s most important to the victims’ humanity? How one identifies themselves as a human is a big part of one’s humanity. But Jenna Ellis has decided that SHE knows better than everyone else.  It didn’t go over well.


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