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Jim Jordan Goes Insane Over Appointment of Special Counsel: Promises to ‘INVESTIGATE’ Appointment

This has been rather entertaining to watch.

The Republicans have – as you’ve surely noticed – gone insane over the fact that a special counsel was appointed to look at whether Trump committed crimes and should be indicted over those crimes, specifically in Florida and January 6th. They are acting as though no one had thought to maybe prosecute anyone up until Trump announced his candidacy for the presidency, and only then did Merrick Garland say, “Oh, wow, we better put this guy in jail or he might win.”

The Republicans were expecting indictments shortly after the midterms. Indeed that is exactly why Trump announced as early as he did, well – that and to make money. And yet now that Garland has appointed a special counsel, something he didn’t need to do and – as far as some of us are concerned, shouldn’t have done – Jim Jordan is bound and determined to “investigate” the appointment of Jack Smith, someone with loose ties to something else Jordan is freaked about (You’ll have to listen to Jordan explain it because it makes no sense to me). Jordan was going to freak out anyway.

Watch Jordan’s head explode over the fact that Trump might be prosecuted for keeping Top Secret SCI on Iranian missiles and Chinese defense (Not keepsakes) as if that is something that the DOJ really should let go as a big nothing-burger.

Yes, add another investigation on top of the investigations. Investigate the investigators. This is the new Republican promise. If you dare to investigate anything we’re doing, we’ll investigate the investigators and put them through hell. And who do we expect to be leading the charge on investigations? None other than the “I Don’t Wear a Jacket Because I’m Buffed and Want People to See” guy.


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