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Lauren Boebert Says She’s a Victim of the Q Club Shooting, Too!

Poor Boebert.

She is criticized every single time there is a bit mass shooting, perhaps because she is the politician most identified with huge guns that belong on a military battlefield. So every single time there is a mass shooting in this country, which is about twice a month, she comes under attack from the left. So, you see, she is also a victim of these mass shootings. We are positive it is hurting her.

But she’s in real trouble this time because she doubled up with the tragedy that hit another targeted community. Not only is Lauren Boebert pro-gun to the point of borderline personality disorder, but she is also proudly anti-LGBTQ. She often mocks the idea that gender may not be binary or as simple as scientists once thought. Medical and psychological scientists are discovering that individuals that would otherwise suffer a life pinned to the wrong gender, or any specific gender, now have help (If Republicans weren’t so afraid of science, society would be so far ahead).

Now Lauren Boebert has the arrogance and the insensitivity to see herself as someone who is a victim of the mass shootings. Listen to her:

Boebert says she’s also a victim of the Club Q shooting: “I’ve been accused of just about every mass shooting there has been. I’ve been blamed for all of it. It has to come to an end. The Left is pissed I won my election, so they’re trying to find something to go after me about.”

We are certain that the families of the dead, to say nothing of the actual dead, all feel terribly for Lauren.


[email protected], @JasonMiciak, with Nicole Hickman

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