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MAGAs Attack Alyssa Milano for Selling Her Tesla, Buying a Volkswagen Electric Vehicle Instead

For those of you lucky enough to spend well over 90% of your day OFF Twitter, there has been a sea change on the platform since Musk has taken over that has been palpable.

There is no doubt that Twitter was a company that leaned left in its political bent, but that doesn’t mean that it applied its rules with more ruthlessness on conservatives. If one was in progressive groups, it was impossible to avoid hearing that someone got sent to “Twitmo” for some kind of violation. But Twitter itself didn’t feel political, people pretty much stayed with their tribe, and there was a lot of echo chamber stuff going on.

Now it feels political, and not just because Musk is tweeting every two minutes, always on the MAGA side of things. No, it feels political because the MAGAs sense blood in the water and (I think) believe they are going to take the site over, which should be Musk’s greatest fear.

Today, Alyssa Milano… who makes some of us so weak-kneed it’s almost as bad as writing about various Nicoles, posted a simple statement aligned with her beliefs:

One of – just one of – the most irresistable things about Milano is she has a deep intellect, and she puts her finger on why liberals are upset with “free speech” as defined by Musk and the MAGAs. It is hate speech and white supremacy. That’s free speech. Oh, that and medical disinformation that gets people killed, as happened to tens of thousands of people.

And with that simple tweet, exercising her right to “free speech,” the MAGAs pounced. First up, the fearless leader who probably wants a massage:

“Free speech” cannot really be discussed outside the First Amendment because all other speech is subject to rules. Walmart employees are not allowed to discuss unionization at the workplace. And MANY workplaces have rules against hate speech and white supremacy, which is what Twitter banned, and it hurt conservatives most. Wonder why?

Oh, and VW hasn’t had Nazi ties for over 70 years and are made by our strongest European mainland allies, the Germans, you stupid fck.

She is not stupid. It may or may not be the most effective mask, but worth posting for the eyes anyway.


They are not “made” present tense by anyone alive who was a Nazi.

Okay, just can’t take anymore. Alyssa, happily married with a family, is off the list, but at one point… she’s a genius with a good heart, what more could one want in anyone… and gorgeous.


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