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Very Troubled Trump Looks Ecstatic Pictured Between Two Gorgeous Women One-Third His Age

Well, at least he’s not touching them, though – damn, given his past, you would think that it is the only thing on his mind, and it’s entirely possible that he did touch, somehow, afterward. In no way is this site ever going to come close to shaming a woman for their choice of clothing. The women in the picture are young and beautiful and entitled to dress how they want. We only note it because it had to make it that much harder for the old boy.

Except that he’s beaming!

With all the things going on in his life, he has been a miserable jackass – no, much of a jackass than usual, as if someone calculated his level of jackass squared, all the way to 10 as an exponent. Not a day goes by, including today, that he’s not viciously complaining on Truth Social about how he’s been wronged by some part of the country, the SCOTUS, Mitch McConnell, the Democrats, Letitia James, Merrick Garland, Fanni Willis, the list goes on and on, oh – we forgot Liz Cheney, who should’ve been second or third.

But he’s beaming!

Just look at that beautiful smile – no, we’re talking about Trump’s “beautiful” smiles, not the smiles on the beautiful young women (Outwardly beautiful. They wanted a picture with Trump, or at least agreed to one, there is a lot to presume about inner ugliness). Yes, it sure seems like we’ve found the reason that Trump hasn’t gone to Georgia, or – depending upon how the women feel about things (we hope that their beliefs and feelings matter) why Trump won’t even go golfing for a week.

Twitter sure had fun with it:


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