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Walker Tells Hannity that His ‘Erection’ Is About the People: Twitter Still Can’t Breathe

We are going to try something different here. We are going to try to be somewhat sympathetic to Herschel Walker. Because, in the last few weeks, we have heard Walker says that “Vampires are cool people, are they not?” and “I used to love Archie Bunker (the notorious bigot) and now Archie Bunker isn’t on because Ralph Warnock is living in the past.” Those quotations are not slips of the tongue. They are “thought through” (bear with us) and stated intentionally.

When Walker says that this “erection” (presumably his) is about the people, that is a slip of the tongue, even for Walker, meaning to say elections. And – you are just going to have to trust Nicole and me on this – there are dozens of jokes we have lined up that we’d love to throw out, like one about nibbling necks instead of biting like a vampire and the natural response, but they would be about as tasteless as if Walker had intentionally said he gets erections when thinking about people, but not when contemplating the Senate.

Damn. We best just get to Mediaite, after the video. (WAY MORE tweets mocking him below):

Hannity spoke to Walker about the precarious balance of power in the U.S. Senate after the midterm elections, and he invited Walker to give his thoughts on how he’d advance the Republican agenda. That…led to this:

First of all, this election is more than Herschel walker. This erection is about the people. And I said this is we the people, not we the government. That’s what the left want to do is make it the government…

To be fair to Walker, this wouldn’t be the first time that someone had a slip of the tongue by saying “erection” when they clearly meant to say something else. Nonetheless, the Walker gaffe comes after his campaign was repeatedly bogged down by questions about his mental health, his history of domestic violence, his questionable credentials, and the allegations that he pressured his ex-girlfriends into having abortions before running as an anti-abortion absolutist.

Even Mediaite took it too far in linking it to mental health, domestic violence, questionable credentials, and ex-girlfriends. But with respect to going viral, you say? Some people weren’t as nice as us (And if YOU want to be really nice, subscribe for free to my Substack Articles.) As we were saying, Twitter was ruthless:

Alright, that’s plenty. This is not evidence that Walker is stupid. There is plenty of real evidence that Walker is stupid. It’s a bad slip of the tongue, nothing more… though it’s a funny slip of the tongue. If he had just said that this erection was about “some” people, or one person, he’d have had it “straight.” Gotta get out of here.
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