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Americans are DISGUSTED at What Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz Did During Zelenskyy’s Speech to Congress

As Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy spoke before Congress, Reps. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) and Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) sat stonily glancing at their phones while the rest of Congress gave the embattled leader a standing ovation.

Zelenskyy’s speech before a joint session of Congress Wednesday marks his first visit outside Ukraine since Russia’s invasion began last February. As he spoke, Zelenskyy declared “Ukraine is alive and kicking” and discussed the strong alliance between the U.S. and Ukraine. The U.S. is Ukraine’s biggest military backer and the beleaguered leader implored the U.S. to keep sending more military aid to oppose Russia, Business Insider reports.

Zelenskyy received several standing ovations during his speech, and about 38 minutes into his talk, cameras captured Boebert and Gaetz remaining seated.

What drew the applause at this point happened when Zelenskyy connected the dots between the burgeoning military alliance between Iran and Russia. He called for Iran to be stopped before it attacks other U.S. allies.

While other Republicans, like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, stood and clapped during parts of Zelenskyy’s speech, Gaetz and Boebert couldn’t be bothered for the most part. They did stand alongside other members of Congress at one point during the speech but it wasn’t clear if they applauded.

Gaetz and Boebert have strongly criticized U.S. expenditures on military equipment for Ukraine, and both reiterated Wednesday that aid to the embattled country should be stopped.

Boebert took to Twitter after Zelenskyy’s speech and said she wants to see a “full audit” of U.S. aid spending before she would support additional money being sent.

Gaetz also hopped on Twitter, praising Zelenskyy’s efforts to help his citizens but said he believed it is wrong for American politicians to be “hemorrhaging billions of dollars while our country is in crisis.” The speech didn’t change his mind, he said.

I don’t know what “crisis” Gaetz is referring to. The country is beset by a variety of problems. Inflation is still on the rise, although it appears to be finally slowing down. COVID and its variants are still impacting Americans every day, according to National Geographic, so the situation in the U.S. isn’t rosy right now.

But while Gaetz is talking about a country in “crisis,” it’s worth noting that he and Boebert both voted “Nay” in regard to H.R. 5376, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. Fortunately, the measure became law despite Gaetz and Boebert.

So perhaps Gaetz’s main efforts regarding inflation may be more along the lines of attempting to stonewall Democrats. But stonewalling on Ukraine is a decidedly bad idea. It’s understandable that Boebert and Gaetz may want to have a better understanding of U.S. expenditures in the troubled region but leaving Zelenskyy hanging isn’t the answer.

The U.S. can and should do what is necessary to broker peace between Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin. But come January, Republicans will reclaim the House. Biden has already said he intends to keep supporting Ukraine, telling Zelenskyy on Wednesday he will support Ukraine “as long as it takes.”

And Boebert and Gaetz will be there, staring into the phones while the fate of a country and its innocent civilians, who are all caught in the middle, will continue to suffer.

Look at this disgusting behavior:

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