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Don Jr Eviscerated Online After Calling Laid-Off Journalists ‘Spoiled Rich Kids’

It’s kind of shocking how immune to irony Donald Trump Jr. is, especially since he launched a silly tirade branding Washington Post journalists who are now facing lay-offs as “spoiled rich kids who never had to survive in the real world.”

Yes, that’s what former President Donald Trump’s oldest child (44) had to say about the mass lay-offs at the publishing giant, according to The Daily Mail. Oh, that and journalists live in a “fake utopia.”

He then went on to say that this makes him fear “for the future of the country” and wondered aloud if the parents of the journalists affected by this would “call in to complain” because their kids didn’t receive a “participation medal.”

In the midst of his rant, Junior backed publisher Fred Ryan, who has himself sparked an angry backlash, claiming that the journalists “ran the paper into the group” with their “woke nonsense.”

Ryan informed reporters about the impending 2023 layoffs at a town hall, where he refused to answer any questions. It’s not clear how many people will be laid off at the Jeff Bezos-owned newspaper but a spokesperson said fewer than 10 percent will be laid off. I’m noting here that Bezos has a net worth of $114 billion, but I’m quite sure this man won’t act in the spirit of Christmas to help those who will be laid off. Being kind and caring isn’t his thing. He wouldn’t be a billionaire if it was.

The Post has also eliminated its Sunday magazine, resulting in additional layoffs. That has understandably spurred anger and shock among staffers at something that was clearly not expected.

“It’s like their parents finally dropped them from their cell phone plan or dropped them from their insurance and now they gotta function in the big person world for the first time ever.”

“It’s actually hilarious how they react to any challenge, any adversity and it’s actually really scary for the future of our country because I imagine a lot of this lines up with the next generation.”

“None of these kids these days or these young aspiring ‘journalists’ or whatever they’ve never functioned in the real world and they live in some sort of special utopia.” (And yes, he said this with a straight face.)

“So the parents of these journalists going to start calling into the Washington Post to complain because their child didn’t get a participation medal.”

Well, ain’t that just special? What does he know about functioning in the “big person world” since dear old dad was already a billionaire when he was born? Salaries for journalists vary widely, with the average being $45,115, according to Indeed.com. So despite what Junior thinks, reporters seldom live high on the proverbial hog.

When has he ever had to worry about paying his own rent, or his own child care? Or pay for much of anything, for that matter?

But it’s likely he doesn’t like journalists, especially those at the Post who report on his father’s illegal misdeeds. I’m sure that’s where some of this guff comes from.

“They run a paper into the ground with their woke nonsense and now we get to hear about their pouty, whiny voices.”

“It sounds like a high school right now people aren’t getting their way so they’re going to complain — guess what folks welcome to the real world.”

Really, Donald Trump Jr. is hardly one to talk. He’s long been divorced from the so-called “real world.”

His response seems to have been spurred by footage of Ryan walking off the stage after giving the employees the good news (sarcasm alert) as reporters asked him about the future of their jobs. Ryan refused to answer questions and said he didn’t want to turn the town hall into a “grievance session” for employees.

Boy, that takes a lot of nerve. But money is what’s really doing the talking here. Because it’s just people’s livelihoods, after all.

Fortunately, folks on Twitter are not letting Don Jr. get away with this nonsense.

I’ll add here that Junior did work. Briefly. As a bartender for a year in Aspen, Colorado after graduating from college.


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