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George Conway Gloats After Conservative Court Brutally Destroys Trumpy Judge Aileen Cannon

It would be rare for one judicial ruling to embarrass an entire circuit, but if there ever was one, Judge Cannon’s order appointing a special master and halting the DOJ investigation pending on that special master’s ruling was it. Every expert on television scoffed at her reasoning and was taken aback by the obvious Trump bias. All of it ended with the 11th Circuit’s brutal ruling yesterday, and this morning, George Conway took delight in breaking it down on Morning Joe, describing the opinion:

The opinion was just brutal! It just eviscerated her! They basically said, ‘We had three choices: One is to follow the law, the second is to make a rule that basically says to every drug dealer who gets stuff found in his basement… can have a special master or a special rule for ex-presidents.

The opinion did keep mentioning favors for “ex-presidents” as if to tell Cannon through the ruling itself that it was well aware of what she was really doing, protecting her favorite ex-president, something she wouldn’t do for any old ex-president.

Conway also scoffed at a Trump attempt to slow things up with the SCOTUS, saying that Trump doesn’t have a “snowballs chance in hell” of getting the SCOTUS to accept the case. It just isn’t going to happen.

That is most certainly true. The Court has been bombarded with accusations that it is politicized. Turning this case down in an hour would be a free opportunity to quell some of those accusations, especially since the SCOTUS is lined up to hear the ultra-MAGA case involving the “Independent State Legislature” theory on December 7th.

You can see the video here.

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