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Fox News Contributor Snaps at Sean Hannity After He Interrupts Her 14 Times to Attack Biden

It was supposed to be an interview, but it was more like a blitzkrieg. When Jessica Tarlov appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, Hannity interrupted her constantly. He also bombarded her with questions that were unrelated to the topic she was there to discuss.

Before Tarlov’s appearance on his show, Hannity attacked President Joe Biden and then diverted to a story about New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) signing into law a human composting bill, Mediaite reports. And this is what Tarlov, who is also Hannity’s colleague, was prepared to discuss — an innovative law that allows human remains to be “placed into a specially-designed vessel that’s surrounded with natural materials, like wood chips and alfalfa.” Five other states have enacted similar laws.

The interview started out easily, with Hannity and Tarlov discussing Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s failure to be elected House Speaker three separate times earlier in the day and then transmogrified into a Hannity complaint-fest about Biden.

“Let me ask you about this: 2022 was the worst year for the stock market since 2008. The CBO has found that Biden’s inflation cost the average American household $10,000. And Joe Biden did make a promise that I’m sure you remember that he wouldn’t raise taxes on those making under $400,000 a year, a family, a couple.”

“But he raised taxes on natural gas, on crude oil, on coal, on people’s IRAs and pensions, and corporate income taxes, which means that all of that money will be paid for by people who make less than $400,000 a year. Are you happy with Joe’s record and performance in two years? Isn’t $10,000 in Biden inflation tax high? Shouldn’t he have kept a promise not to tax people making under $400,000 a year?”

Tarlov struggled to recover and simply addressed each of Hannity’s five complaints by stating:

“Well, there was a lot in there,” she said.

But as Mediaite’s Michael Luciano notes, Hannity’s claim that Biden raised taxes on Americans earning less than $400,000 a year is just plain wrong. In lockstep with other right-wingers, the Fox News host argues that when businesses raise prices on consumers this constitutes a “tax.”

So by using this reasoning, whenever prices rise, the current president can therefore be blamed for implementing a “tax.”

Tarlov, who co-hosts The Five, did her best to respond but Hannity interrupted her 14 times. Right before the interview concluded she reminded viewers that the interview was supposed to be about New York’s human composting law.

It’s safe to say Hannity bullied Tarlov during most of the interview:

Hannity: But he has a natural gas tax, he has a crude oil tax, and he has a coal tax. So, people that heat their homes and cool their homes, they’re all paying a lot more. That is being paid for by every American regardless of income.

Tarlov: Well—

Hannity: Right?

Tarlov: Ok—

Hannity: Checkmate?

Tarlov: No. It’s not—

Hannity: You win? He shouldn’t have done it?

Tarlov: No, I don’t think so. I think that the transition was hurried along perhaps too quickly, but that we do have to — and this is something that we’re in agreement on a global level — that the environment is in danger, that we need to do what we can to lower the number of emissions—

Hannity: So, even if that means breaking his pledge to not raise taxes on people that make—

Tarlov: I really don’t think that’s the right terminology for this—

Hannity: So, he said he wouldn’t raise taxes on people making less than $400,000. And now he has raised taxes five different ways and more. I’m only giving you the shortlist. And that’s okay with you.

Tarlov: No it’s not okay for people who are struggling to get by to have their taxes raised. But that is not what happened here. There’s a-

Hannity: So, Joe broke his promise to those people.

Tarlov: It’s literally not what I said. Corporations, by the way, are paying the lowest rate—

As music played to end the segment, Hannity interjected:

“Can you acknowledge he broke his word?”

The back-and-forth continued until Tarlov referred to the subject that the interview was supposed to be about, and she was understandably on the defensive.

“I, honestly, Sean. I need to look at the plans again,” she responded at one point. “We were supposed to talk about burying yourself, composting yourself. And now we’re back to tax plans, so—”

“By the way, can you at least acknowledge that Kathy Hochul allowing the composting of dead human remains is kind of weird?” Hannity interrupted.

“I won’t be jumping at the chance to do, but I think that if people want to be returned to the Earth, maybe that’s a nice, you know, final voyage and you can turn into—” Tarlov said.

“Put grandma, put a little alfalfa on her, a little hay on her. Put grandma — and then we’ll plant flowers and use it as fertilizer for our crops next year. Dead bodies, human bodies,” Hannity interjected. “Alright. Anyway—”

“If that’s—” said a flustered Tarlov before being interrupted yet again.

“Great to see you, Jessica. Appreciate it.”

This is typical Hannity. He sabotaged Tarlov who was there to talk about something that will benefit the Earth and he turned it into an attack on her and President Biden by presenting misinformation. He’s very much a bully and I’ve included the clip of him walking all over Tarlov below.

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