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Terrified Trump Flies into a Rage on Truth Social as Jack Smith Closes In, Screaming About How Everyone is Out to Get Him

It’s a nice and sunny day in Palm Beach, Florida, and you’d think Donald Trump would be spending this Saturday with his family. Well, that’s a big, fat NOPE. Trump is raging, what he seems to do best these days. And today is he raging about LAWYERS, especially the one who is causing him the most worry, Jack Smith, the special counsel assigned to investigate the documents he stole from the White House and hid at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump started the morning with a truly evil post, saying “How come the Biden “Prosecutor” is a nice guy, very friendly with Democrats and RINOS alike, close to Christopher Wray, & pretty much liked & known by everybody, while my “Prosecutor” is a Radical Left Trump HATING Lunatic, whose wife & family get a perfect “10” for spewing Trump HATE, & whose “friends” are the most evil, angry, & disgusting Marxists & Communists in & around Government? They are GRILLING innocent people in Grand Juries for hours, all to “get Trump.” These are Sick Thugs!”

Interesting. So if Smith is indeed grilling “innocent people” (meaning complicit people close to Trump) for hours, something serious must be going on and it has Trump TERRIFIED. GOOD.

Then Trump raged about Michael Cohen, and reminisced how lawyers were once the good guys. He said, “Page 1: Until now, I always thought that lawyers had a very special & revered place in our Country, but not anymore! It all began with the lawyer from hell, Michael Cohen, whose office was viciously RAIDED by the Fake Bureau of Investigation (FBI) early one morning, & whose files, & just about everything else, was taken from him on a case unrelated to me. Not too long thereafter, & being very brave, he screamed, I represent President Trump, I’ll tell you anything, but please leave me alone!”

Then Trump went off on the “Marxist Maniacs” a new favorite term of the right. Where are these Marxists maniacs? Because if anyone finds them, I’d really love to have lunch sometime.

Trump said, “Page 2: Since then it has been open season on lawyers, their files, & their lives. They are attacked by the Radical Left Thugs at a level never seen before in our Country. Look at what they have done to Rudy Giuliani, who turned out to be right about so much, including the Laptop From Hell. So many others, also, all to try and “Get Trump,” due simply to Trump Derangement Syndrome. These Marxist Maniacs are improperly pushing City & State Prosecutors to do what they failed to do in Washington….”

Then we got to the ALL CAPS section of the rampage, when he basically says our country is crap and only he can fix it.

Trump said, “Page 3: THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON AGAINST ME FOR YEARS. THE FBI & THE DEPARTMENT OF INJUSTICE ARE CROOKED, CORRUPT, & BROKEN (just look at the Lunatic Radical Left Prosecutor they gave me, but not Hopeless Joe, Twitter Files & the RIGGED 2020 Presidential Election, the Russia, Russia, Russia HOAX, & all the rest!). OUR COUNTRY IS IN SERIOUS TROUBLE, NO BORDERS, NO VOTER I.D., NO ENERGY INDEPENDENCE. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS NOT BEEN SMART & TOUGH, BUT MAYBE THEY WILL BE NOW. GOOD LUCK AMERICA!!!”

It’s obvious Jack Smith is closing in. And let’s hope he’s closing in quickly. Trump must be stopped, and with classified documents found at Biden’s house, it’s going to be that more difficult.


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