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Don Jr. Said Something So Horrific About John Fetterman Even MTG Couldn’t Hide Her Disgust

Donald Trump Jr. is dealing with a well-deserved pummeling online after he described Democratic Senator John Fetterman as a “vegetable.” Trump Jr., who is the eldest son of former President Donald Trump made the comments Thursday on his Triggered podcast after the senator’s team announced he had checked himself into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center to receive treatment for depression, Newsweek reports.

Junior was, of course, sitting with his new-found pal Marjorie Taylor Greene, whom he was interviewing for his podcast and the video didn’t fail to catch the attention of PatriotTakes on Twitter. PatriotTakes describes itself as “researchers monitoring and exposing right-wing extremism.”

The two were discussing the challenges Republicans face during election time, and Trump Jr. said: “I have a feeling the people that elected the vegetable senator — I have a feeling that a lot of the people that ‘cast those ballots’ probably couldn’t tell you who’s on the ballot for the Senate in Pennsylvania.”

Fetterman defeated Mehmet Oz, a Republican candidate who was endorsed by Donald Trump during last November’s Senate election in Pennsylvania.

Rep. Greene (R-Ga.) appeared a bit shocked when Junior used the term “vegetable senator,” and she told him “he’s back in the hospital, by the way.”

Earlier this month, Fetterman was hospitalized after feeling lightheaded at a Democratic Senate retreat but was released. He checked in to a hospital on Wednesday to be treated for clinical depression.

But on his podcast, Don Jr. offered the slightest backtrack.

“And I wish him well,” he said, with Greene parroting “we do wish him well.”

“I don’t mean him any harm but I could see that a mile away,” Junior said. Then he went on to say he has been “criticized for being an ableist — meaning I’m discriminating against someone with disabilities for expecting a United States senator to have basic, cognitive function.”

“I don’t think that’s negotiable. You can call me whatever the […] you want, that’s a no-brainer. And yet, it’s terrible,,,” he said.

“It’s the ability to do the job,” Greene said. “We need someone that’s thinking really well.”

But since when is it up to these two to know who’s “thinking really well?” Greene has not shown any real brilliance in that department, as we’ve all seen. And Fetterman can think. He demonstrates this daily and that’s especially so when he decided to check himself into the hospital when he needed help.

As I wrote earlier, Fetterman has been appointed to five committees and asked a series of questions about the 2023 Farm Bill. He’s voted on the Senate floor and has co-sponsored legislation. So Fetterman can think, but because of the devastating stroke he suffered, he has trouble talking sometimes.

And when PatriotTakes posted the clip to Twitter, folks were angry at Trump Jr. and Greene for their obvious lack of understanding.

“One thing you can count on is Don Jr and MTG having the worst and most offensive takes on all things,” JC McCoy tweeted.

“Just when you think they can’t go lower,” wrote Bev Chapman, responding to Kristen Hanlon’s tweet: “There is no low too low for these two.”

“Two of the most hideous people on this planet,” Twitter user John Reuter responded.

And Twitter hits kept coming.

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