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New Congressman From TN Has Been DESPERATELY Trying to Hide His College Transcripts — Now We Know Why

We already know that Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) has a history of telling fanciful stories, but it looks like he now has competition in that department. Tennessee Republican Rep. Andy Ogles seems to have things in his college transcript that he doesn’t want to be made public.

Folks at NewsChannel 5 were wondering what he was likely trying to hide. So, they took a look.

And just what exactly did they find?

Well, Ogles bills himself as an economist, who has taken a grand total of exactly one community college Economics course that he barely passed. Oh, and that he hasn’t been truthful about other parts of his college degree.

“What it shows is the level of deception that he is willing to participate in, in order to get elected to the United States Congress — and that’s disturbing,” said Randy Stamps, former political director for the Tennessee Republican. Stamps is also a former GOP legislator.

Now, NewsChannel5’s probe of Ogles’ embellishments about his resume has turned into headlines across the country. This includes his repeatedly claiming as a candidate and as a new member of Congress that he is a trained economist.

According to his congressional bio, Ogles graduated from Middle State Tennessee University, “where he studied policy and economics.”

But that’s not what NewsChannel5 found when it did a little digging around and found a resume from 2009. That resume revealed he listed a degree in International Relations, NOT Economics, and minored in Psychology and English.

Now Ogles is in damage control mode. In an appearance on Nashville talk radio, Ogles, who was one of 20 House Republicans who held up Kevin McCarthy’s election to Speaker of the House, continued to insist economics was part of his degree in International Relations at MTSU.

Ogles is absurdly claiming he has blocked the University from confirming his academic credentials because he was worried about his identity being stolen.

Of course Trump endorsed Ogles, God forbid he does any due diligence.

Really. Donald Trump could learn a few things from this guy.

“I would encourage anyone to lock down your transcripts, lock down your credit, so you’re not a victim of identity theft,” Ogles said in an interview with WWTN host Dan Mandis.

NewsChannel5 Investigates has, however, obtained something Ogles doesn’t want the public to see: His college transcripts, which I’ve provided below.

Ogles submitted the transcript along with a job application more than a decade ago. It shows his major wasn’t in economics or international policy. Rather, it shows that he majored in Liberal Studies. This is usually the degree obtained by people who can’t decide what to major in.

Indeed, the transcript shows he only enrolled in one economics class — the aforementioned community college course “Principles of Economics” — where he earned a “C.”

And before he could enroll in college-level algebra he needed to take developmental-level Intermediate Algebra — basically good old-fashioned high school algebra. He received a “B” in the course and was then able to enroll in College Algebra. Where he eventually earned a “C.”

“Taking one course when you are a freshman or sophomore in college does not make you an economist,” Stamps said. “And if he is willing to run around and say, ‘hey, I’m an economist,’ who knows what else he is going to tell you that is not true.”

Stamps broke ranks with his party last fall and supported Ogles’ Democratic challenger, state Sen. Heidi Campbell.

“Even before the election, I didn’t believe anything he said,” Stamps said.

That led NewsChannel 5 Investigates to ask Stamps “Does this reflect why you endorsed his Democratic opponent?”

“Absolutely,” he said. “With all due respect, I kinda saw this coming that he was going to embarrass our state.”

The transcripts also show Ogles earned a “C” in American History, although he did pass a total of nine Political Science courses in the 17 years it took to earn his degree. They do, however, reveal one shocking bit of information that isn’t good news.

In the fall of 1995, Ogles enrolled in U.S. Presidency, Problems in Government, Political Theory, and National Security Policy. And flunked. Every. Single. Class. He did the exact same thing three years later, in 1998.

The prospective congressman finally went back to college in 2007 and wrapped up his Liberal Studies degree — with a 2.4 GPA.

And now Ogles is making excuses.

While Congress was on a break, the news station traveled to his hometown in Maury County, Tennessee, checking out the Columbia address listed on his website. They called and texted the freshman lawmaker but never heard back.

In a statement released Sunday to a conservative Tennessee website, perhaps made to prevent trouble, Ogles asserted he’d just learned his degree was in Liberal Studies after he requested his official transcript.

“When I pulled my transcript to verify, I realized I was mistaken,” Ogles said in the statement. “I apologize for my misstatement.”

So, in other words, he’s suggesting he misspoke, that perhaps he “forgot” what he majored in. I would think that’s something difficult to forget. He also blamed his poor grades on an “interfamilial matter” that forced him to drop out and return home “to financially support my family during a difficult time.”

Just as Santos did, it looks like Ogles is spinning all kinds of tall tails, and Stamps is not encouraged by this.

“He’s still deceiving, he still not forthcoming,” he said. “He, I don’t believe, has the courage to sit down and talk it through and apologize for misrepresenting himself to the people of Tennessee. Until he does that, I don’t think he’s worthy of the office.”

So this is just another story about Republicans embroidering facts to suit themselves. Maybe they learned that from Donald Trump. We all know he’s fabricated all sorts of things before, during, and after his presidency.

Just sayin.’

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