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Mary Trump Says Her Uncle Donald Is Absolutely TERRIFIED of Being Indicted

So, there’s a good chance that Donald Trump will be indicted (maybe) this week over the $130,000 alleged hush money that he paid adult film actress Stormy Daniels during his 2016 campaign, Queerty reports.

The grand jury that’s been investigating the case is expected to recommend an indictment to Manhattan District Attorney on Monday, meaning that Trump will most likely get the message tomorrow. And Trump being the egomaniac that he is, he’s already issued a statement to his supporters to “protest, take our nation back.”

In an interview with MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan last weekend, Trump’s niece, Mary Trump warned that people should be prepared for possible violence across the country. But it’s not clear at this point, where riots could possibly erupt.

“It’s something about which we always need to be concerned,” Trump said Sunday. “Quite honestly, it’s not in the venues themselves. I’m sure New York and D.C. have this covered.”

“It’s more that Donald continues to engage in this kind of stochastic terrorism that as we’ve seen in the not-too-distant past, really has devastating consequences,” she added. “So unfortunately, this is the kind of thing where violence could break out anywhere in the country and it’s very difficult to prepare for that.”

The memory of the last time the ex-president engaged in “stochastic terrorism,” as Mary Trump describes it, is something none of us will ever forget. It resulted in hundreds of armed insurrections and the breaching of the U.S. Capitol and resulted in the deaths of five people. So if the so-called “MAGA Militia” rears up tomorrow, who knows where, or if the attacks will occur?

Hasan asked Mary Trump if her crazy uncle’s erratic behavior online indicates he’s feeling defiant, cornered, or desperate. Mary answered he’s likely feeling all three. She added he is using the “same play” he always uses “because it works.”

“This is a person who does understand on some level that he’s getting closer and closer to some sort of accountability,” she explained. “He probably doesn’t believe it entirely because it’s never happened but he knows that if he makes his grievance the grievance of the mob, if he makes rule of law, holding him accountable, a crime against real Americans, then we might be in for some trouble here.”

Trump added that while her uncle seems nutty he can also be pragmatic because he “has millions of people who will do his bidding.”

“It is not an accident that he is already preempting reactions by calling for protests,” she added, warning, “we saw this happen before. We’re going to see it happen again.”

Hopefully, the predictions of violence will be wrong but perhaps folks living in Washington, D.C., Manhattan, and other large cities should be careful in case Trump’s nutty supporters do decide to act. If Donald Trump is indicted tomorrow, he’ll have some notable distinctions. He’s the first U.S. president to be impeached twice, the first to face criminal prosecution, the first president to never receive more than a 50 percent approval rating, and as Queerty notes, the first president to be kicked off Twitter.

Now that’s quite a distinction, isn’t it?

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