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Mary Trump Shares an Ominous and Terrifying Prediction: ‘It Is Almost a Certainty He Will Win’

If you read our piece last night on Trump’s dangerous language and promises at CPAC paired with the premise of the article he posted on Truth Social, you are probably still shaking in fear. I am. In the piece, we note that Trump and the MAGAs consider 2024 as “the Final Battle,” and we take that literally. Nicole and I fully believe that when they say “final,” they mean final, as in there won’t be an election in 2028 if they win. We also believe that Trump and the MAGAs are willing to fight an actual battle to “win.”

Trump promises fascism and vengeance. It would be horrific. Though, last night, we said it was “unlikely” that he would win, but still too possible. Now, Mary Trump, who has a better record than we do at predicting Trump and outcomes, says it’s near guaranteed he will win. In an interview for an Australian News station, Mary forces us to confront what’s coming.

Transcript from Mediaite:

MICHAEL ROWLAND: As things stand in March 2023. And you’re a close observer of US politics. Do you believe it’s more likely than not that Donald Trump once again secures the Republican nomination for president?

MARY TRUMP: Unfortunately, Michael, I think it’s almost a certainty at this point. And that, to me, is proof of how little we’ve progressed in the last seven years. If anything, I think we’ve, we’ve gone backwards. The fact that a person who is under numerous investigations, both civil and criminal, who perpetuated a big lie about the security and veracity of the last presidential election and somebody who incited an insurrection against his own government to be eligible to run for president again is a pretty severe indictment, I think, of the American political system in general. And the Republican Party in particular.

NO. The American political “system,” as it is drawn up and the laws in place, is perfectly fine, one of the best in the world. It is the people running the system, Garland in particular, that are putting this country on the edge of fascism. They are failing to prosecute (immediately) Trump on something and making him ineligible to be president again. Biden picked Garland and can’t avoid all blame. As successful as Biden has been legislatively, he needed to tell Garland to be “very aggressive” regarding the threat from “MAGA America” right from the start.

She may also be very wrong about the numbers. Trump can make it seem like he has the vast majority behind him when one can just look at 2022 and the public’s reaction to overturning Roe. Imagine the fury the public will have with the “new investigations” and possibly another earth-shattering SCOTUS decision, handing elections over to state legislatures alone. No judges, no voters’ rights.

Mary did nail it home, though:

MICHAEL ROWLAND: He’s facing a number of lawsuits. How likely is it now that he’s a declared presidential candidate, Mary, that the various authorities, if they have a strong enough case, will actually pursue criminal indictments against your uncle?

MARY TRUMP: Well, we are running out of time, unfortunately, but we’re still over a year and a half out. So we have to remember these investigations. Many of these investigations have been going on for a long time and they should be coming close to indictments. And if that doesn’t happen, then that is yet another failure of the American system, in this case of the justice system.

I still get furious when I think about the full 18 months lost as DOJ prosecuted any window breaker at the Capitol while not even investigating Trump! It took the Congressional Committee to embarrass DOJ before DOJ even started handing out subpoenas. Then Garland slowed everything again. When Trump “announced,” Garland gave him a gold egg, new life, bringing in a new prosecutor. Jack Smith may be the best prosecutor on Earth, but there’s fck all he can do when the earliest trial date available (after an appeal or two) lands in July of 2025. We were assured that the special prosecutor would not set back the investigation. Based on the subpoenas that Smith has sent out, it sure looks like he basically started all over again.

“Running out of time.” In case you have a hard time processing it, if Trump were to be indicted today by Jack Smith, it would be very dicey as to whether there’s time to even hold a trial before election day. That’s outrageous! We had a window of perhaps 120 days after January 6th when no one wanted anything to do with Trump. THAT was the time to indict him on something stupid, “Destruction of documents,” and then spend every resource available on Trump’s term and January 6th. Not to prosecute the window breakers (Only the violent) but to investigate everything. We got nothing.

We have no indictments despite 10 Mueller charges ready to go on day one. No indictments despite some crimes being wide open – the destruction of documents and pressuring Pence to toss aside the Constitution (which is a crime, and it’s well-established). We do not know what it is that Russia holds over Trump so powerfully. Pelosi, the most experienced genius, stood in Trump’s face and said, “With you, all roads lead to Russia.” She knew enough, but we still don’t know what it is. We don’t know the extent of Trump’s deals with Saudi Arabia as he hosts the very people that literally sawed up an American resident, a soon-to-be citizen.  We DO know that the only world leaders Trump “got along with” are the world’s monsters. Putin, MBS, Kim, Modi, Xi, Balsonaro, Orban… It’s not a long list because there are not that many cruel despotic leaders in the world, but Trump seems to love them all.

So the situation is scary enough. Now, Mary Trump believes it’s all but certain that he will win. Nicole and I will say this, as we did last night, if Trump does win, that is the end of democracy in America.

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Nicole Hickman James is a lifelong Democrat and political activist who first cut her teeth as a teenager volunteering for Mike Dukakis’ presidential campaign. She has worked and volunteered for John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, HFA (Hillary For America), and Organizing For Action. She’s passionate about liberal and progressive causes and considers President Obama her favorite president ever. She holds her Bachelor’s from Boston College in Economics and her Master's from Columbia, also in Economics. When not working as a writer, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her three college-aged children.


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