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QAnon Influencer Begs Trump to Get Her Pedophile Son Out of Prison

Deborah Sullivan has earned the QAnon nickname “Meme Queen” for a good reason: She’s devoted the past five years to the crackpot cause of fighting the non-existent cabal of Democratic elites whom she believes are running a child sex-trafficking ring. In her fury over this ridiculous and widely debunked conspiracy theory, she’s produced a whopping 4,500 memes (at least) about the conspiracy that really only exists in people’s minds.

People who believe this bonkers theory also believe former President Donald Trump is some sort of messiah sent to save the children.

Like I said, bonkers.

“The TRUTH about the Crimes Against Children, which have been committed world-wide, will UNITE us all,” Sullivan wrote on Facebook in August. This was accompanied by a meme featuring Trump purportedly saving two infants from numerous figures, including former President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Pope Francis, and Queen Elizabeth, who for some reason was often a central figure in QAnon lore.

But Sullivan recently changed her tune after her son, Michael Aaron Wall was convicted of repeatedly abusing his stepdaughter in Oklahoma City, Vice News reports. That passion for “saving the children” seems to have evaporated and Sullivan is defending her son as “innocent,” calling the justice system “crooked” and blasting the 12-year-old girl (whom her son abused for three years) as “a horrible liar.”

Now she’s appealing to her fellow QAnoniacs to help her and has even fired off a direct plea to Trump.

“Dear Mr (Real) President aka Q+, my name is Deborah Sullivan aka The Meme Queen. I am an OG Anon and I desperately need your help, I need you to be my BATMAN,” she posted on her Truth Social account. “This spiritual battle has entrapped my son, with false accusations of child sexual assault.”

Of course, this woman claims her son is innocent of the charges leveled against him, and his conviction was the result of “prosecutorial misconduct” and “a crooked DA.”

But Sullivan left out important details of what, exactly, her son was charged with when she implored her 10,000+ followers on Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, and Truth Social.

Vice News, however, managed to get ahold of the court documents connected with the case, and frankly, the details are horrific and go all the way back to 2015.

The abuse was revealed when Wall’s then-wife walked in on her 12-year-old daughter sitting on Wall’s lap. The girl’s bra was unhooked, per the court documents.

At first, Wall and the young girl claimed nothing happened, but when the woman spoke to her daughter the next day, she said Wall had touched her breasts. Wall’s wife then went to the police, and during an interview, the 12-year-old said she had been raped by Wall and that this had been going on for three years.

After the allegations were revealed, Wall sent his ex-wife a text message, writing: “I cannot explain why we are where we are. I just know that I am deeply sorry, and I would give anything to take back and change the situation right now. This I regret more than anything I’ve ever done. I have lost the best thing ever happened to me. I am so sorry I hurt you guys.”

He pleaded not guilty to the crimes and the case went to trial earlier this year. Wall was initially charged in 2018 with five counts of child sexual abuse including allegations of rape, masturbation, and oral sex. In 2019 two more charges were added.

How disgusting. And apparently, the jury thought the same thing because they convicted him on February 9 after only two days of testimony. He was, however, only convicted on two charges. The other five were dismissed. Wall will be sentenced on March 28, but the jury has recommended a sentence of five years in jail and a $5,000 fine, per court documents.

And now, the Meme Queen is all panicky because her son, who is currently in Canadian County Jail, where, she wrote on Telegram, “he is not safe. He is being threatened by the [Aryan Brotherhood] who think he’s a pedophile.”

Wall, however, is exactly where he deserves to be. The young girl who was his stepdaughter, who probably trusted him, is in her own jail, and for her, that may be a lifelong sentence. Even if she’s receiving counseling. Someone she should have been able to depend on let her down in the worst way imaginable.

Sullivan can appeal to Trump all she wants but he’ll never, ever be her “Batman,” and the rest of her letter to him is just as delusional:

“Respectfully Sir, Q said our families would be safe. My son is not. And neither are his sons or any other innocent man or woman, for that matter. Please have someone put eyes on this case immediately.”

I’m sure he will. As I said, Sullivan is delusional. And anyone who calls a child who has obviously been abused “a horrible liar” is just as much a monster as the abuser is.

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