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Top Art Critic Tells People to ‘Shun’ Family and Friends Who Vote for Republicans: ‘They Want to Bring Back Lynching!’

Jerry Saltz is a Pulitzer prize-winning art critic for New York Magazine and is known for his outspokenness and his hatred for Donald Trump and he recently advised his social media followers to “shun” anyone in their lives who have voted Republican.

In a message to his 603,000 Instagram followers Sunday, Saltz wrote:

“If you know anyone who voted Republican — including friends and family — you should shun them.”

“No need to even tell them that you are no longer communicating with them or why,” he wrote.

“You own [sic] yourself, to them, your country, and any idea of moral damage.”

“And yes, they want to bring back lynching,” Saltz concluded.

Saltz is one among many high-society New York liberals who were deeply upset when Trump won the presidential election in 2016, and he offered this insightful advice in response to a photo of Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) dressed in drag. His post was a reaction to a law Lee recently signed into law that bans drag performances in front of children.

While Saltz has become known for his professional work, he’s also become known for his fiery left-wing responses on Twitter and Instagram. But more than a few folks didn’t agree with the post above.

According to one Instagram user: “It’s called hatred to cut off people just because they believe differently than you.”

Others wrote things like “Petty people that can’t survive in life unless everyone and everything believes like them.”


“You don’t shun family members.” (Sure you do. I did).

“While I can appreciate the sentiment, how can you ever expect progress or healing or any vision of a positive future with this mentality,” another wrote.

Canadian professor and evolutionary behavioral scientist Gad Saad posted this on Twitter:

“Well done @jerrysaltz! I disowned my children because they have used the verb ‘trumped.’ I stand with you and my intellectual hero, the Malibu Meditator, in rejecting anyone who ever thought of voting for the party of the Great Unwashed.

Saad’s tweet also famed journalist Glenn Greenwald’s response to Saltz’s remarks.

“The long-time art critic for @NYMag, @jerrysaltz, instructed his Instagram followers yesterday to ‘shun’ everyone — including family members and close friends — who voted Republican, and they shouldn’t even provide an explanation: just cut off all ties.”

He also added:

“Excising everyone in your life who has different political views than you — including your parents, siblings and children — seems like a very psychologically unhealthy thing to do. Doing that as a journalist seems fatal to the job, as well as psychologically ill.”

And Greenwald does have a point. It’s always worth helping a friend or family member have a better understanding of the Republican AND Democratic parties. But that said, I have rarely Republicans make any sort of positive change. After a while, it’s not worth making yourself miserable trying to change the minds of people who belong to a party that’s growing increasingly racist, fascist, and every other nasty sort of -ist you can think of. Because in the long run, people like this can also make you “psychologically ill.”

Saltz responded:

“Republicans, as they are, no longer have what might be called your polite ‘political views.’ They are anti-democratic, authoritarian. But you know this already and want to shade things to ‘both sides.’ Fine by me. I seem to have caused a rumble up in your office.”

And in the tweet below Saltz showed his proficiency in one-upmanship.

“If you buy the ticket for betraying your country, you take the ride.”

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