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Trump Trashes America and Defends Russia After New Money Probe Ties Trump to Vladimir Putin

Donald Trump attacked American citizens and defended Russia after a newly announced criminal probe into the one-term, twice-impeached loser cited alleged ties between Trump and Vladimir Putin.

In a shocking development to come as Trump works to garner support for his 2024 White House bid, the former president released a video claiming foreign countries like Russia and China are not the greatest threats to the United States.

According to Trump, the greatest threats to the United States are some of the nation’s very own citizens. How patriotic!

“But the greatest threat to Western civilization today is not Russia, it’s probably more than anything else ourselves and some of the horrible, USA-hating people that represent us,” he said in the startling nearly 4 minute video released on Thursday.

Trump then called for the United States and other Western powers to stop helping Ukraine defend itself from Russia “immediately” before the ongoing conflict turns into “World War III.”

“These globalists want to squander all of America’s strength, blood and treasure, chasing monsters and phantoms overseas while keeping us distracted from the havoc they’re creating here at home,” Trump proclaimed.

“These forces are doing more damage to America than Russia and China could ever have dreamed.”

We knew whose side Trump was on from the very beginning.

Trump then went on to list a series of domestic issues in the United States that, according to him, are more “pervasive” than foreign policy issues such as the war currently raging in Ukraine.

“It’s the abolition of our national borders. It’s the failure to police our own cities. It’s the destruction of the rule of law from within,” Trump fumed in the video. “It’s the collapsing of the nuclear family and fertility rates, like nobody can believe is happening.”

“It’s the Marxists who would have us become a Godless nation, worshipping at the altar of race and gender and environment,” he continued. “And it’s the globalist class that has made us totally dependent on China and other foreign countries that basically hate us.”

Trump’s shocking statements came just hours after it was revealed his media company, Trump Media, was under investigation for allegedly violating money laundering statutes.

This photo speaks VOLUMES

According to the criminal investigation, Trump Media allegedly accepted $8 million in loans in 2021 and 2022 from two “obscure entities” believed to be controlled by a close ally of Putin.

From The Guardian:

“Towards the end of last year, federal prosecutors started examining two loans totaling $8m wired to Trump Media, through the Caribbean, from two obscure entities that both appear to be controlled in part by the relation of an ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin, the sources said.”

This marks the latest criminal probe into the former president as he remains at the center of other investigations tied to the Trump Organization, his suspected mishandling of classified documents, and his alleged efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election in his favor.

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